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…apparently it is when you are a Holocaust denier and Nazi apologist.

In one of Mr Wear’s first articles here on the Internet, he claims:

However, with each passing year more new evidence comes to light and more of us, young and old, are questioning the narrative. We are questioning Fake History. This is having an effect because increasingly in different countries and on different media platforms we are being “discouraged”, even legally prohibited from considering and evaluating that new information.

Now I have been debating Mr Wear on the review pages of Amazon for at least 3 years and at no time was he ever banned. Indeed, his book “Germany’s War is still available to purchase on Amazon. Mr Wear of course seems to lack any understanding about what the Holocaust denial laws in Europe are about and indeed why they are actually there. NOBODY has been “legally prohibited” from evaluating or considering  new information.

Even Mr Wear himself claims to have been attacked and denied the rights to publish and spout his historical flim flam. What is it Mr Wear’s friends claim?

John Wear is joining a growing list of authors being censored, de-monetized, de-platformed, shadow banned,  blocked by mainstream book sellers, websites and European countries….and threatened with criminalization.

…er…nope. John Wear still posts on Amazon; his book as of today is still available on Amazon and he has never been threatened with criminalization (as regards his writings).

So exactly who have been blocked or banned from the websites of mainstream book sellers? Mr Wear gives us one example, a certain character named “Flopsy Fair Do’s”. Mr Wear fails to mention the names of three other contributors to the review pages of Amazon, myself included, who were also banned for “spite”. Of course…in Mr Wear’s world it is only Holocaust deniers and Jew haters that get banned.

Companies like Amazon can allow or block; sell or ban any comments or books it wishes. THAT is indeed freedom of speech. Mr Wear objects to that…and yet he promotes censorship on the blog that has been set up in his name. I asked for permission to post on his blog and was denied that permission to post there.

Recently I have also been blocked from the Wearswar tweet pages.

So, when is freedom of speech not freedom of speech?

In John Wear’s case, when it suits.

I. White.