In the dramatically named article found here, Mr Wear simply gives us a rehash of denier memes of the last 20 years. Let’s have a look at some of them in greater detail.

This article will show that the Aktion Reinhardt camps were actually transit camps rather than extermination camps.

This is a common theme of Holocaust deniers like Mr Wear, unfortunately deniers like Mr Wear are hard pressed to tell us exactly where approx. 4 million Jews went to who were alleged to have passed through these “transit camps”.

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As evidence of a mass transfer of Jews “somewhere east” Mr Wear gives us Jewish demographer Eugene M. Kulischer and his 1943 book “The Displacement of Population in Europe“. 

At this moment in time we should consider the year the book was written: 1943. Not only that, but Kulischer wrote his book in the USA. Access to primary sources was extremely difficult. Mr Wear, of course would have us believe otherwise:

This book uses the work of 24 institutions that had at their disposal a huge network of channels of information in the various European nations. Kulischer was thus able to base his demographic studies upon the best existing sources.

It appears that Mr Wear doesn’t seem to realise that there was WORLD WAR 2 going on at the time  and communication would have been rather difficult to organise. The fact is that Mr Kulischer attempted to work with the bits and bats of information he had access to especially when it came to Nazi occupied Europe! Many of his sources actually came from Nazi Germany press releases. Let us take the following quote provided by Mr Wear:

For the Polish ghettos are not the last stage in the forced eastward migration of the Jewish people. On 20 November 1941, the Governor General, Hans Frank, broadcast the information that the Polish Jews would ultimately be transferred further east. Since the summer of 1942 the ghettos and labour camps in the German-occupied Eastern Territories have become the destination of deportees both from Poland and from western and central Europe; in particular, a new large-scale transfer from the Warsaw ghetto has been reported. Many of the deportees have been sent to the labour camps on the Russian front; others to work in the marshes of Pinsk, or to the ghettos of the Baltic countries, Bielorussia and Ukraine

So what exactly is the primary source for this statement? The source is German newspaper Unser Zeit of January 1943. In it there is a report of the mass transportation of Jews out of Warsaw in July 1942. Between 22nd July and the temporary suspension of Warsaw deportations on 21st September (Yom Kippur) almost 249,000 Jews from that ghetto were transported to Treblinka. Treblinka was an extermination camp.
Hans Frank of course was never going to admit that fact to the German people. Far better to tell them that the Jews were being kicked out of German controlled Poland to go work in places in the occupied USSR. Still…perhaps Mr Wear could tell us where those Jews deported from Warsaw actually turned up.

Then we have this little gem:

Kulischer states that removal of the Jews to the east was largely motivated by the wish to make use of them as forced labor.

Indeed many fit and healthy Jews were worked to death as forced labor. The problem for deniers is what happened to all those Jews NOT fit for labor: the old, sick, young, pregnant?

So here is Mr Wear’s conclusion to the issue of Mr Kulischer and his demographics:

Nowhere in his book does Kulischer speak of extermination camps or of a German policy of genocide of the Jews. The demographic evidence does not support such a conclusion.

Indeed Mr Wear is correct. The problem for Mr Wear though is that Kulischer wrote a second book in 1948 “Europe on the Move: War and Population Changes, 1917-1947.”

on p 279 of his book Kulischer has this to say:

The practice of exterminating the peaceful population of conquered countries became obsolete many centuries ago. The Germans restored this practice on a scale never before recorded. The main victims were the jews. Of 5.5 million exterminated Jews, nearly 3 million were nationals or residents of European countries now outside the Soviet Union.

Kulischer has now reacted to better evidence and sources than he had access to in 1943. Deniers like Mr Wear never mention this second Kulischer book.

Himmler’s Statements

So now to the comments about Himmler. Mr Wear would have us believe that Himmler made many references to the Aktion Reinhardt deathcamps as “transit camps”:

Heinrich Himmler made numerous orders and statements indicating that the Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps.

He then gives us ONE example: Sobibor. Actually that is the ONLY example, so Mr Wear is actually lying when he says “numerous”.

The transit reference:

The transit camp Sobibor is to be converted into a concentration camp. In the concentration camp a plant for the repair of captured munitions is to be established.

has to be put into context, something which deniers like Mr Wear continually fail to do. Himmler simply got his camp type wrong. How do we know? Well, we know because of the reply he received from Pohl on the 15th of the same month; Pohl said that the camp would not need to be converted into a concentration camp because conditions in the camp were already in place. Sobibor in July 1943 already had 700 prisoners working there. The fact that such a large workforce was already at Sobibor meant that its use went far beyond a simple transit camp. See Holocaust Controversies for more details.

So what else does Mr Wear say about Himmler?

On September 18, 1941, in a letter to Gauleiter Arthur Greiser, Himmler wrote that, in accord with the wishes of the Führer, the Jews were supposed to have been transported out of the Altreich and the Protectorate “into the eastern territories newly incorporated into the Reich two years ago,” but merely “as a first stage,” in expectation of a deportation “still farther to the east.”

This type of quote relies heavily on ignorance of the Holocaust timeline. Prior to September 1941 the aim of the Nazi regime was to transport its Reich Jews east to ghettos in Poland and then further on to the east into the occupied lands of the Soviet Union. The “first stage” did take place as the Reich Jews were herded into the ghetto at Lodz. The second stage never took place as those Jews were then transported to extermination camps in the following months. Of course, if Mr Wear has better proof for the mass movement into the USSR post 1941 of the Reich Jews then let him produce it. I won’t be holding my breath.

Mr Wear of course scorns the use of coded language, but somehow can’t cope when the language becomes specific, so we see this:

Some Jewish historians dismiss these and other statements by Himmler by saying that the Nazis used code words to hide their genocide of European Jewry.

whilst comments like this:

 We came to the question: How is it with the women and children? I decided to find a clear solution here as well. I did not consider myself justified to exterminate the men – that is, to kill them or have them killed – and allow the avengers of our sons and grandsons in the form of their children to grow up. The difficult decision had to be taken to make this people disappear from the earth.

made in Posen in October 1943, put Himmler’s November 1943 speech into context: “brought to the east” means nothing more than being brought to extermination camps in Poland.

Jews Sent from Aktion Reinhardt Camps to Auschwitz and Majdanek

So now we come to Mr Wear’s vivid imagination:

Since the Allies claimed that Nazi Germany had a program of genocide against European Jewry, numerous documents contradicting the genocide myth were hidden or destroyed by the Allies.

This is pure peculation based on…no actual evidence at all. If I remember correctly it is the view of Arthur Butz that all paperwork relating to some mass exodus of Jews into the USSR has been destroyed or lies hidden in secret Soviet vaults. Mr Wear is a big fan of Mr Butz.

Now Mr Wear drops the bombshell:

Some Jews were sent from the Aktion Reinhardt camps to Auschwitz and Majdanek.

Well, actually Majdanek was part of the Aktion Reinhardt system and Auschwitz went on line as an extermination centre as the AR camps were being closed down, having finished their tasks. None of these camps were in occupied USSR. Not only that, but Mr Wear is not telling us anything new. The fact that a few hundred fit for work Jews were immediately transferred out of Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor and hundreds of thousands were not, does not make the camps “transit camps”. Because, as Mr Wear states, a handful of Jews who went through Sobibor returned to Holland after the war, Sobibor could not possibly have been an extermination camp. Perhaps Mr Wear might like to tell us what happened to all those Jews that were transported to Sobibor and Auschwitz and who DID NOT return to Holland: all 100,000 of them. Around 25% of Dutch Jews survived the war, mainly due to hiding in Holland. Only a handful survived the transportation east to Poland.

Forensic Evidence

Where would Holocaust deniers be without the good old “forensic evidence” gambit? The problem with demanding forensic evidence is that it goes both ways. What forensic evidence does Mr Wear have for proof of a mass exodus of Jews over the Bug river? What forensic evidence does Mr Wear have for Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno and Treblinka regarding their employment as transit camps?

…but I digress. Mr Wear goes on to tell us that there is no forensic evidence proving that the camps were extermination camps. Apparently he missed the ash pits found in camps like Treblinka as early as 1945. Regarding Treblinka, Mr Wear points us in the direction of the so called investigation of the grounds using Ground Penetration Radar carried out by Australian denier Richard Krege.

For six days in October 1999 the team carefully examined the entire Treblinka site, especially the alleged “mass graves” portion, and carried out control examinations of the surrounding area. Krege’s team also carried out visual soil inspections, and used an auger to take numerous soil samples. They found no soil disturbance consistent with the burial of hundreds of thousands of bodies, or even evidence that the ground had ever been disturbed. In addition, the team found no evidence of individual graves, bone remains, human ashes or wood ashes. Richard Krege concludes from his examination of the site that Treblinka was never an extermination camp.

Except that Mr Wear is lying. He is making things up. Why? Because Mr Krege has never released a report on the Treblinka camp. All that has been released is ONE PHOTO.

Image result for richard Krege photo gpr

and a Youtube video clip of some men dragging a box around. I asked Mr Wear for a copy of the report over a year ago. He said he would ask for me. The result? Nothing. Nothing at all.

As to scientific examinations of the AR camps, there have been investigations carried out at each camp:





Treblinka was also inspected by Polish authorities in 1945 when they found pits of human ash and remains. Deniers like Mr Wear totally ignore pits full of ash. Instead, they call for mass graves full of actual bodies. Those bodies are there…but only in the form of ash. Ash is the by product of cremation. Cremation is another word that is not really understood by Holocaust deniers.

Of course, in recent years qualified Archaeologist, Caroline Sturdy Colls has come under attack from amateurs in the Holocaust denier movement:

 An analysis of her work shows that she fails to prove that Treblinka was an extermination camp.

Well…an analysis from a Holocaust denier who certainly HAS NO qualification in archaeology. So much for “peer assessment”. Saying that, Holocaust deniers seem to miss the point about what exactly finding red and white terracotta tiles in an area that was known to contain the gas chambers means.

The colours of the tiles correspond to the descriptions given by the few surviving Sonderkommandos of the gas chambers at Treblinka made decades before! The forensic evidence recently found simply confirms the eyewitness testimony reported decades earlier. Historians call this the convergence of evidence.

Photographic and Engineering Evidence

The logic in this section is truly beyond belief.

German aerial reconnaissance photographs taken in 1944 of the Treblinka camp also cast serious doubts on the widely accepted story that Treblinka was a mass extermination center. Discovered in 1989 in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., these photographs corroborate other evidence indicating that Treblinka was actually a transit camp.

When you consider that the camp was dismantled and completely effaced by the end of 1943 to hide the crimes that had been committed there  I fail to see how such conclusions could be made. But let us continue:

The camp’s burial area is too small to contain the hundreds of thousands of bodies supposedly buried there.

Which brings us back to the word C.R.E.M.A.T.I.O.N. Mr Wear does wants us to believe that there should have been hundreds of thousands of whole bodies buried in camp. Because of the size of the camp, the bodies were cremated and the ash buried. Not exactly rocket science is it….

The aerial photographs show that fields where Polish farmers planted and cultivated crops were directly adjacent to the camp perimeter and were cultivated right up to the edge of the camp.

…perhaps in 1944 when a farm house was actually built on the site to camouflage the site…but not in 1942. The area where the camp was built was heavily wooded and according to historian Yitzhak Arad in his book “Belzec, Sobibor Treblinka”:

was wooded and naturally concealed from both the Malkinia-Kosov road to its north and the Malkinia- Sieldce railway, which ran to its west.

p 37.

As for Mr John C Ball…well a complete rebuttal of this man’s so called expertise can be found here.

Of the five camps where carbon monoxide was supposedly used to kill inmates, the vast majority of victims are said to have been killed in the Aktion Reinhardt camps

Well…we could include many non Jews who were murdered by carbon monoxide as part of the T4 Euthanasia program, but more on that for another time. However now we move on to yet another denier gambit:

Diesel vs Gasoline engines.

Firstly let us state quite clearly, all eyewitnesses to the gassings (and not those outside the camps who wrote down what they believed or thought was going on in the camps) state that people were murdered by gassing; the Nuremberg trials post war stated in their indictments that gassing was the main cause of death in the camps. The issue of how the carbon monoxide was produced is jumped upon by Holocaust deniers like Mr Wear. Quite simply, those men who actually installed the engines, or who worked with them stated that the engines were gasoline. Those people with a lack of knowledge of engines or who never saw the engines in use simple assumed they were diesel. In the past, some historians  have not seen the issue as important. Some have said diesel engines were used, even some sites like the USHMM  have claimed diesel was used, but have recently started to alter their website as the evidence shows otherwise. This is an excellent example of REAL historical revisionism at work, and not the sham promoted by Mr Wear and his friends.

American engineer Friedrich Paul Berg

Is an avid neo Nazi, a rabid Jew hater and Hitler fanatic. Enough said really.

Impossibility of Disposing of Bodies

The reason the Germans never built crematoria at the AR camps was because they didn’t need to. Burning pits were quite capable of cremating large amounts of bodies. Moreover, cremation via burning pits was an immediate reaction to the problems of too many bodies around the site. The pits were just another example of the Nazis thinking “on the hoof”. That does not mean to say that the pits were not up to the task. They were.

Based on several cremation experiments, Carlo Mattogno determines that 160 kg of wood are needed to cremate a human body weighing 45 kg. He calculates that the burning of 870,000 bodies at Treblinka would have left 1,950 tons of human ashes, plus 11,100 tons of wood ashes. The total volume of ashes would have amounted to approximately 48,400 cubic meters. Also, 139,200 metric tons of wood would have been required for the incineration of the bodies.

Except that Mattogno is no scientist. Still…perhaps Mr Mattogno can tell us exactly why so much was needed to burn Jewish bodies whilst bodies at Dresden resulting from the allied bombing raid in 1945 didn’t.


The Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps rather than extermination camps.