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I quite like the start to this article:

A pro-Holocaust supporter told me that witnesses such as Elie Wiesel, Simon Wiesenthal and Viktor Frankl are not relied upon by historians to prove the so-called Holocaust happened.

It looks like I get a mention in dispatches. I remember telling John Wear this years ago. Ain’t I the lucky one.

Instead, testimony from Sonderkommandos who actually worked at the alleged homicidal gas chambers constitutes the most reliable eyewitness testimony.

Indeed they do. It must be stated however that eyewitnesses often get details such as measurements, numbers and times wrong; they are often estimates made under times of pressure or recollections years after the events. If, however, the events described by independent eyewitnesses are broadly speaking the same, then we can assume the events took place.

Henryk Tauber

Probably the best eyewitness to the workings of the gas chamber and the number one bad boy of Holocaust denial for this very reason. John Wear relies heavily on previous Holocaust denier attempts to call into doubt Tauber’s testimony. There is nothing in his article that is new to anyone who has studied the workings of Holocaust denial over the last 20 years or so. So let’s see what Mr wear has to say:

As is common knowledge and has been pointed out many times, no flames come out of crematorium chimneys.

Common knowledge according to whom? Chimney fires are quite common where soot build up is thick. That is why chimney sweeps were quite common until the invention of alternative types of heating. Not only that, but smoke is flammable and can ignite causing flames to appear out of chimneys.

As far as I know, there is no mention of any cleaning of the crematoria chimneys at Auschwitz.

It is also impossible to push eight corpses into a cremation muffle whose door is just two feet wide and two feet high

Well now that all depends on the types of corpses being burnt. In relation to the 8 bodies being inserted into the muffles of the crematoria, Tauber was referring to the “muselmanns”, those poor unfortunate prisoners that were nothing more than skin and bone. In general, the average number of bodies was 4 to 5.

before Tauber and his co-workers would have been able to push eight corpses into each oven and get a huge blaze going, any plane they claim to have heard approaching would have long since flown away.

Mr Wear seems to confuse fact with the the wishful thinking of desperate men in desperate circumstances where even the most futile efforts were tried.

The thousands of crematories around the world consuming large amounts of energy are the best proof that total cremation of naked bodies in a short period of time will not occur from the combustion of body fat from the corpses.

So now Mr Wear compares apples to oranges. Modern day crematoria work according to strict rules and regulations regarding temperatures and the numbers of bodies burnt at a time. Those considerations were not made in Auschwitz. Neither were the bodies totally consumed in the crematoria at Auschwitz. The bones and teeth were often crushed up separately by prisoners after the cremations.

Mr Wear then goes on to quote denier guru German Rudolf:

“As for trench burning in comparison to cremation, the energy loss through radiation and convection, along with the problem of incomplete burning, is so gigantic that further commentary is really not needed.”

…and yet we have air photos of these pits in operation as well as secret photos taken outside creamtoria 4 and 5 showing such pits in operation. See here. Looks like Mr Rudolf is wrong.

This is impossible even today, and using 1940s technology it would have taken at least an hour to incinerate a corpse.

Today, a body needs to be cremated until nothing is left but ash. That wasn’t the case at Auschwitz. Neither were corpses cremated individually. The average burning time was based on multiple body burning.

Tauber also estimates that 4 million people were gassed at Auschwitz/Birkenau

Oh dear. The key word here is ESTIMATES. Tauber did not have access to documents; he did not carry a counter around with him; he could not comment on numbers for the camp cremations as a whole…so he GUESSED. He got the number wrong. So what? Let us hope that Mr Wear never plays the “guess the number of sweeties in the jar” game. He could end up with egg on his face.

More Incongruities in Tauber’s Testimony


Or not as the case will be….

The alleged homicidal gas chambers could not have been ventilated when the ventilation equipment was damaged by the inmates. If Tauber’s statement were true, the Germans would have had to repair the wiring and ventilation ducts in the gas chambers on a regular basis. Tauber and the other Sonderkommandos would not have been able to clear the gas chambers of dead bodies when the ventilation system was not working. Thus, the daily mass gassings in the homicidal gas chambers could not have occurred as Tauber alleges

So, let’s try to clear up some deliberate errors here. Gassings at Auschwitz did not take place 24/7 for 2 years. There were days when gassings did not take place. Moreover, the problems of gassings were not the gassings themselves but the time it took to cremate the bodies so in general only one gassing took place per day. Any damage to wiring caused by the victims would have been simple to repair, unless Mr Wear is implying German technology and engineering know how was not up to the task!

Tauber makes no mention that the Sonderkommandos used special protection to carry the bodies.

That’s because they didn’t need them.

Dr. Robert Faurisson states in regard to HCN poisoning

a lot of unsubstantiated rubbish. Faurisson, one of the original mainstream Holocaust deniers, is NOT a scientist, but a lecturer in language. Yes, HCN is deadly especially over 300 ppm but it is possible to be in an HCN environment for a short period of time (1/2 an hour at 150 ppm) and make a full recovery after leaving that environment. Faurisson gives us no indication what the HCN levels were on the bodies of the victims nor how long it would take for HCN to be fully absorbed by the Sonderkommandos.

At this point it should be noted that in normal situations the health of anyone coming into possible contact with cyanide is paramount, hence the protection needed by scientists…and indeed those who dealt with the victims of gassings in US prisons. The Nazis however at Auschwitz had no such health concerns for the Jewish Sonderkommandos. Saying that, the SS were concerned about their own health and when pouring  Zyklon B into the gas chambers, they always used gas masks.

Saying all this, we can then ignore the apples and oranges comparisons between the Nazis system and methods that were used in US prisons to execute death row prisoners.

Germar Rudolf states in regard to Tauber’s testimony:

“Several hundred people, locked into a cellar with a very small surface area, anticipating death, would panic and attempt to escape, damaging everything that stood in their way…If these columns actually existed, their outer framework would have to have been of solid steel, but certainly not of fragile wire mesh construction.”[18]

Tauber’s testimony concerning wire mesh in the gas chambers is simply not credible.

Well. There are a lot of “woulds” in this Rudolf reference which again, don’t match the facts. The mesh frames were the entry point for the Zyklon B and those nearest the columns will have died first, resulting in mass panic to get AWAY from the columns and not go towards them. Secondly, there is no indication that the columns would have been of “fragile” construction. Indeed, the columns consisted of SIX wire screens. Only the inner screen contained the Zyklon B. Moreover, most of the victims were weak, children. old, ill or muselmanns.

Abraham and Shlomo Dragon

So now Mr Wear rambles on about the gassings at Bunker 2. In the historiography of the mass murders carried out at Auschwitz Birkenau, the first gassings carried out there were at 2 buildings called Bunkers 1 and 2. They were simple cottages that were bricked up and converted to basic gas chambers. Mr Wear gives us this quote from Shlomo:

“As [SS officer Otto] Moll opened the door of the house, bodies fell out. We smelled gas. We saw corpses of both sexes. The whole place was full of naked people on top of each other falling out.”

Mr Wear seems to have a fixation with bodies of both sexes being found mingled together. He tells us:

Dragon claims that the sexes were not separated before entering the alleged gas chambers.

Actually, the Shlomo quote that Mr Wear provides us does not state this. Shlomo Dragon only tells us the types of bodies seen after the gassing. The two sexes could have been undressed separately and then forced, one group after the other into the building.

But what about the smells?

Shlomo Dragon’s statement that he could smell the sweetish taste of the gas is also not credible. Hydrogen cyanide gas actually smells of bitter almonds. There is nothing sweetish about it.

Is Mr Wear really sure about that? Mattogno also made the same claim. Unfortunately the evidence proves other wise:

the odor of HCN is usually described as ‘sweet’; trained persons describe the odor as that of bitter almonds and can detect it at about one ppm.

At this stage I must recommend the excellent site that gives up to date debunking of all things Holocaust denial: Holocaust Controversies. This is the first place to go to when seeking to debunk Denial posts.

In conclusion, Mr Wear states the following:

Genuine homicidal gas chambers require advanced engineering and construction.

He really cannot grasp the notion of a sealed room into which HCN is introduced via Zyklon B through openings in the roof or walls. Nothing “advanced” is required at all.

Shlomo Venezia

Mr Wear picks on the description of burning trenches used at Auschwitz. Actually there are numerous eyewitnesses to the use of burning trenches.

Zakhar Trubakov

Joshua Rosenblum

Filip Mueller

Henryk Tauber

Dr. Charles Bendel

Rudolf Hoess

Henryk Mandelbaum

Shlomo Dragon

A mixture of eyewitnesses from both the Sonderkommandos AND the SS themselves. Mr Wear has no idea what he is talking about when he says:

Shlomo Venezia’s story is nonsense.

Yet again, for a full and thorough analysis see here.

And finally, Mr Wear returns to what seems to be his favorite meme, the issue of gas masks and ventilation. Putting aside the fact that Venezia might have got his timing estimations wrong (unless he had a stop watch with him) there is no reason why the ventilation timings would not have worked. According to Richard Green PhD the scientist responsible for the  thorough debunking of Rudolf’s report:

We return to the question of how long it would take to ventilate the gas chamber from the level used in killing to a level which the Sonderkommando could safely tolerate without a gas mask. We have seen that this took place in less than 15 minutes from an initial concentration of 900 ppmv.

If the initial concentration were more than seven times higher (7200 ppmv), owing to the nature of exponential math, the same concentration of under 20 ppmv would be reached in less than 23 minutes. Even if the residual Zyklon had not been removed and the chambers had the full concentration of 18,100 ppmv, the concentration would be less than 20 ppmv in 26 minutes.

It appears that Venezia’s estimated timings are correct, and Mr Wear’s assumptions are wrong.