Rarely is it amusing correcting the false narrative of WWII and inflicted German guilt.

…but not as amusing or entertaining as it is to debunk the nonsense coming out of Wear’s War. So let us see what fun and games are being produced deep down in Texas these days

So firstly we have the potted history of Mr Fred Leuchter:

Until the late 1980’s, Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., was the foremost expert on the design, construction and maintenance of hardware, including homicidal gas chambers, used to execute convicted criminals in the United States. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree (in history) from Boston University in 1964, Leuchter did postgraduate work at the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

Leuchter is perhaps best known as the author of four controversial forensic reports on alleged German wartime extermination gas chambers. Leuchter designed and maintained gas chambers for several U.S. penal institutions. He was sent by Ernst Zündel to investigate Auschwitz, Majdanek, Dachau, Hartheim and other alleged “Nazi Death Camps” and “gassing facilities.” Author of the devastating, trail-blazing series of Leuchter Reports (I, II, III, IV) and several articles and videotaped presentations that resulted from these investigations. Sensational Zündel witness in the Great Holocaust Trial in 1988.

Well, Fred Leuchter was the SELF professed “expert” on equipment used to execute US prisoners. In actual fact, this history graduate never built a single gas chamber. He actually had no qualification in engineering of any sort at all and this was the main reason his report was kicked out of court during the Zundel trial. To put it simply: Fred Leuchter, the “sensational witness” was never qualified to carry out any judgement as to what was and what was not suitable with regards the use of gas chambers in Auschwitz.

So now we come to Mr Wear’s input.

Thus, Errol Morris’s first attempt at making the documentary film had made Fred Leuchter look too good. With the help of Deborah Lipstadt and Robert Jan van Pelt, Morris redid his movie with the intent of making Fred Leuchter look bad.

Which just shows how easy it is to fool someone who knows next to nothing about how the Final Solution actually took place. Ignorance of the Holocaust by the general public is the only way  Holocaust Denial actually works. Holocaust denial tends to fail miserably with people who have actually studied the Holocaust. But let us move on.

The redone film does make a number of accurate statements. The following are some examples:

1) Ernst Zündel says the Holocaust is hate propaganda. Zündel says Germans will not go down in history as genocidal maniacs.

Ernst Zundel was an ardent neo Nazi, avid fan of Adolf Hitler and rabid anti Semite. He seems to have a problem with the difference between modern Germans and Nazis. It’s why he fell foul of the German government.

2) Fred Leuchter says he found much of the execution equipment used in prisons to be substandard. He designed his execution equipment to help reduce the pain and suffering of condemned inmates in the execution process.

Fred Leuchter was not qualified to arrive at such conclusions. His opinion is of absolutely no value whatsoever.

3) Fred Leuchter does not recommend homicidal gas chambers as a means of executing condemned inmates because they can be dangerous to the operators and witnesses.

Fred Leuchter knows nothing of the lack of care the SS in Auschwitz had for the men who worked to clear the gas chambers nor does he seem to be aware of the expertise the Germans had in the use of Zyklon B which was a common fumigant both during and before the war.

4) Fred Leuchter says the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz/Birkenau could not have functioned as homicidal gas chambers.

Fred Leuchter is not a chemist nor an engineer. Fred Leuchter has never built a gas chamber. Fred Leuchter’s opinion is null and void…as the Canadian Courts proclaimed in the Zundel Trial.

5) Fred Leuchter says he testified on Ernst Zündel’s behalf because Zündel has a right to a fair trial. Leuchter suffered tremendous adverse personal and professional consequences after his testimony at Ernst Zündel’s 1988 trial.

Leuchter was paid by Zundel to carry out his “examination”. Funny how deniers protest at the defense team in the Lipstadt/Irving trial being paid for their research (which is indeed common practice). Leuchter suffered because he made claims he was not qualified to make. Tough.

The following are some examples of the distortions and biases in this remade movie:

Robert Jan van Pelt says Fred Leuchter is a fool, not qualified, and was totally unprepared to do the assigned task

Well, I might quibble with the term “fool” but Van Pelt seems to be on the ball to me.

Van Pelt says Leuchter never looked in the Auschwitz archives, which wouldn’t have helped him anyway since Leuchter does not speak German.

Seriously?!! Leuchter couldn’t find a translator?! Oh dear……Perhaps Zundel wasn’t paying him enough.

If Leuchter HAD looked in the archives he would have found blue prints showing the actual conversion of Crematoria 2 and 3 from morgues to homicidal gas chambers. These were the same blue prints that changed Pressac from Holocaust denier to Holocaust historian. If Leuchter had seen the blue prints he would have seen reference to a ventilation system, the same system he said didn’t seem to exist, even though the remains of said system are there to be seen on site.

Van Pelt ignores the fact that since the United States is the only country where some states use homicidal gas chambers to execute condemned inmates, there was no one more qualified than Leuchter for the assignment.

Already discussed. Neither does Van Pelt ignore US gas chambers. Mr Wear claims to have read “The Case for Auschwitz”, perhaps therefore he might like to re read pages 31, 42, 380-381 and 388…especially Pages 380 and 381 where Van Pelt discusses the differences between how US gas chambers were used and how those were used at Auschwitz.

2) Van Pelt says there is plenty of documentation in the archives proving the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. Van Pelt later wrote a book titled The Case for Auschwitz: Evidence from the Irving Trial, but never details how these alleged Auschwitz homicidal gas chambers functioned

Well if Mr Wear is looking for an instruction manual he won’t find one. There is however plenty of documentation proving the existence of homicidal gas chambers, but there is also a mass of independent eyewitness testimony from Sonderkommandos to members of the SS alike…as well as forensic evidence of course.

For a refutation of van Pelt’s work, interested readers are encouraged to read Carlo Mattogno’s two-volume Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity available for purchase

For a refutation of Mattogno’s work, readers are encouraged to read the articles written at Holocaust Controversies:


Van Pelt says that approximately 500,000 people were murdered in the 2,500 square feet at crematorium 2 at Birkenau. This is absurd for numerous reasons, not least of which is there were no holes in the ceilings at this facility through which Zyklon B could be dropped as claimed.

So let me get this right…according to Mr Wear, 500,000 people could not have been murdered in Crematoria 2 because there were no holes in the ceiling?


Actually the evidence for holes in the ceiling are numerous:

28 witness accounts, 5 aerial photos, 1 ground photo, 1 contemporary document and the ruin with its 3 potential and suitable gas openings.

Source: Holocaust Controversies found here.

4) Dr. James Roth says in the film that The Leuchter Report has no meaning.

Roth never actually said that. He said that the Leuchter RESULTS had no meaning, that is the samples that Leuchter provided the Alpha Laboratories were not suitable therefore the HCN results were meaningless.

Roth says Leuchter’s test was not the correct one as cyanide will not penetrate more than 10 microns, or 0.01 mm.

That is the case in brick…according to Harry Mazal here the depth can be greater in plaster, but not by much. Leuchter did not just scrape off a few millimeters from the wall surface, but he hacked away to produce samples from “the size of a thumb to that of half the size of your fist”. Much of what he supplied was of material that could not even react with cyanide.

See Van Pelt, “The Case for Auschwitz” p 390.

 Germar Rudolf , who prepared an expert report on chemical and technical questions of the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz

The same report that was to be used at David Irving’s appeal trial and was to be used as his main source. For some reason Irving withdrew the report before the trial and his appeal collapsed. No reason has ever been given. Rudolf’s report is the mainstay of Holocaust denial concerning Auschwitz. Just a shame it never got to court. Irving got cold feet. Perhaps one reason was because Rudolf was not honest when it came to naming other scientists in his report… not to mention the rebuttal awaiting in the wings by defense witness PhD chemist, Prof Green.

However, Leuchter accurately states that he is not an anti-Semite and does not have malicious motives.

…and we should believe Fred because….?

However, this created serious problems for the Jewish Errol Morris.

…and thus we arrive at the Jew bashing comments. Nuff said.