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The following article is a critique of this article on the Boer War posted by the editorial team of Mr Wear.

I think we all agree that the Second Boer War was historical fact. The Boer war tends to crop up in Nazi apologist and Holocaust denial circles because of the early references to concentration camps. It is an undoubted fact that thousands of women and children were sent to live in concentration camps, and certainly in the early months many did die  from malnutrition or diseases attributed to malnutrition. The aim of this article is not to justify or put into context the British military actions regarding the deaths of innocent women and children in their “care”, but to illustrate the hypocrisy of Holocaust deniers and Nazi apologists when it comes to what can and what cannot be accepted as historical evidence.

The PARODY you are about to read is an attempt to show how any historical event can be totally distorted and even denied by using Holocaust denial techniques. 

The Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) was a war by the British Empire against a small Farming population in order to dispossess them of their country so that foreign interests, coveting the exploitation of newly discovered mining riches, could gain dominion – by any means necessary.

The Boers were an evil group seeking to take over the whole of South Africa from the benevolent British Empire.
The motherland of these Dutch settlers has contributed little to the contemporary World beyond sex tourism and the cultivation of ever more toxic forms of hashish.
It is scarcely a coincidence that the man the Dutch consider to be their greatest artist of the last two hundred years is Vincent Van Gogh. Someone who contracted gonorrhoea living with a prostitute. This should tell you much about the character of the people who left this godforsaken country to sow their seed on foreign shores.

Stephen Mitford Goodson in his article titled ‘Holocausting the Boers’,

That would be the transportation of Boers: man, woman and child out of South Africa. Yes? No? Surely it does not mean deliberate genocide!!

Despite having signed the Hague Convention on July 29, 1899, the British proceeded to contravene every article therein.

The Boers were nothing more than partisans who did not come under the guise of the Hague Conventions. The Boers never signed the convention, so were not entitled to its protection.

J A Hobson’s ‘The War in South Africa’, 1900, exposed the fake atrocity propaganda and disinformation against the Boers to demonise them in the eyes of the British public.

Hobson, aka Van Jaarsveld (but real name Mermelstein), appears on no fewer than twelve separate partisan lists compiled by a hugely regarded Times journalist called Wilton. ‘Mermelstein’ was a die hard Bolshevik much read by Lenin. Do you want me to draw you a diagram?

The British government expected a quick defeat of the tiny Farmer-Boer population within a few months.

The British Army repeatedly sought a peaceful settlement but were forced into an intolerable situation of having to defend South Africa’s territorial liberty….without any winter clothing. The British were not used to dishonourable conduct and were caught unawares by Boer guerrilla tactics and relentless chicanery. A hugely regarded Times journalist called Wilton has compiled a list of no fewer than 556 historical instances when people of Dutch descent have been, quite demonstrably, shown to have cheated.

People of Dutch ethnicity have been refused entry into no fewer than 126 countries. It is stretching the imagination to assume that all of those countries have been wrong about them.

The failure of the British to defeat the part-time Boer commandoes in the field resulted in the cowardly decision to implement a ‘scorched earth’ Holocaust policy encompassing massive sweeps right across their territory, together with the forced removal into approximately 50 concentration camps of mostly Boer women and children.

The women and children were put into the camps for their own safety. There was a war going on you know. Boer soldiers even asked that their families be sent to the camps. The Death rate in the camps were less than the death rate in British industrial cities.

As a cultured people, the Boers possessed finely crafted furniture, libraries and pianos, Goodson states. Troops entered the family homes and gave the women and children 10 minutes to evacuate, after which all the contents of the homesteads were destroyed, including children’s toys and bibles. The British, Australian and other colonial troops would smash everything which was then piled up and set alight. Homesteads and outhouses were set on fire and dynamited.

There was no physical evidence whatsoever of any crafted furniture and a few of these families were borderline illiterates. There was, however, a grand piano. Don’t we just know it? If I had a pound for every time that grand piano has been mentioned.

The Rothschilds’ troops showed unbelievable cruelty towards farm animals.

Here we go….Preposterous. This has being going round and round. Three of those chickens died of old age and one had a heart attack when she was trapped in an out-house. But still the figure remains at thirty five. Two cows died in an accident when pulley levers broke and dropped the grand piano on top of them. The British wanted to leave it where it was but the farmer’s wife insisted it came along. Everybody knows that the British are far and away the biggest animal lovers in the world. The Dutch settlers, well, do I have to remind you again where they come from? Need I say more? It’s right below Denmark…and have you seen what they do with pigs?

Sons as young as 8 years old were considered a ‘threat’ to the British so forcefully separated from their mothers and transported on ships overseas with the adult POWs.

No doubt sent to safe areas “somewhere…north, south, EAST or west'” Postcards were clearly sent.

There were many deaths on the journeys to the death camps,

Those would be the transit camps for forwarding destinations “somewhere…..north, south, EAST or west”. People died on two transports because dirty partisans had glued up the ventilation outlets.

The next leg of the journey was transportation of the women and children in overcrowded, filthy coal-dust or dung-covered rail cars, mostly open to the extreme elements

Show me the transportation documents. I want to see documents. Where are the photos of these people being transported in such conditions? Coal cars? Animals cars? Which is it? These so-called ‘historians’ can’t seem to get their ducks in a row.


Typical cowardly partisans. Note their unwillingness to wear uniforms. Note the shifty looking Dutch type faces.

The death camps were euphemistically called Concentration Camps.

Transit camps, as stated. No photos. No Autopsies. Any deaths in these camps will have been from natural causes. The 28,000 number is way too high. At maximum, a few dozen. A  well renowned air traffic controller called Craig who works at Heathrow and knows about these things recently did a survey which showed no ground disturbance for over six thousand years across the areas concerned.

His comprehensive report is due out any day in the next ten or twenty years.

 in fact this style of camp, including ‘scorched earth’ and ‘blockhouse’ systems was initiated by the Spaniards in Cuba just 3 years prior to the Boer War

Those Catholics! Catholics have been responsible for more mass deaths throughout history than any other group. Look at the genocide of the Aztecs and the Incas. Neil Young didn’t call him ‘Cortez the Killer’ for nothing.

Imperialist propagandist Conan Doyle

No he wasn’t. He was an author and good friend of Sherlock Holmes!

Conditions in the British concentration camps were dreadful even for inmates who received so-called ‘adequate’ rations. The Boers were not allowed to bring their own thicker tents, but were instead accommodated in thinner single-layer bell tents which were inadequate for weather conditions and required constant stooping. Storm water poured in at the base of the tents which were grossly overpopulated. Many had no mattresses, just one blanket on which to lie on the bare ground.

So these tough farmers can’t take a bit of hardship? British workers didn’t have libraries and pianos and lived in far worse conditions. Tough it up!


Severely overcrowded without basic sanitation illness spread quickly.

Look…no starving children and women here. All nicely clothed as well. An idyllic family photo which clearly shows adequate laundry facilities and freshly shampooed hair. In actual fact this picture was taken on the day of the famous football match between the British camp staff and a team of inmates. The British sportingly let the Boers win, the real scandal being that Koeman shouldn’t even have still been on the pitch to take that infamous free kick for the first goal.

Personal Accounts of Women in the Death Camps

Stop right there. Eyewitness accounts are not good enough. They are unreliable, and we all know how Boers lie and distort to discredit the British. I want scientific evidence for the supposed “death camps”.

So once again, where are the graves? Again, where are the autopsies?  Where is the forensic evidence?

Where is the written declaration of intent from the British government to murder women and children…and cows and pigs….and chickens?

The girls in those (half dozen?) photos that we are shown time and again. Two were bitten by tetse flies and the others starved because the train carrying ethically reared – and soon to be ethically slaughtered – pigs to the transit camp was attacked by lust-crazed Boer partisans looking for vodka and intent on an orgy of violence against defenceless farm animals. What were the British supposed to do when the supplies didn’t turn up?
Witnesses were horrified by what they found. Four of the pigs were nailed in a crucifix position on the carriage doors.  The driver was forced to watch in horror as the remainder were raped over and over and over by unspeakable Boers.

Goodson provides revised and updated figures

These numbers are always changing. Those so-called ‘historians’ can’t get their numbers right. They are making it all up. And did you know that the figure 28,000 has appeared on no fewer than 643 occasions in the history of the Dutch?

Private correspondence from a private in the Derbyshire Regiment to his father Patrick McCue of Sunderland, published in the ‘Daily News’ stated:

“The Boers behaved like men, never shooting when they could take prisoners, and even apologized because they had to take our rifles and ammunition.”

The letter is a fake. I demand it be forensically tested. They didn’t have ball point pens in 1900. The Daily News was a pacifist newspaper trying to get the war stopped. These lefties make things up.

Moreover, the Boers did take prisoners. This account is typical of the conditions they faced:

The dungeon was a strongly barred room, and was not intended for the confinement of more than two or three men at a time. There were only two windows, and a projecting veranda outside, and thick iron bars within impeded the ventilation, while fires, raging in different parts of the fort, suggested an atmosphere of further oppressiveness. The prisoners were packed so tightly that the door was difficult to close.


By nine o’clock several had died, and many more were delirious. A frantic cry for water now became general, and one of the guards, more compassionate than his fellows, caused some [water] to be brought to the bars, […] and passed it on to the men behind. In their impatience to secure it nearly all was spilt, and the little they drank seemed only to increase their thirst. Self-control was soon lost; those in remote parts of the room struggled to reach the window, and a fearful tumult ensued, in which the weakest were trampled or pressed to death. They raved, fought, prayed, blasphemed, and many then fell exhausted on the floor, where suffocation put an end to their torments.

So much for Boer kindness!!

That so many more Farmer-Boer women and children died cruelly in this ‘war’ than Boers in the field reveals the hypocrisy of the self-righteous indignation of Britain’s vilification of Hitler and Germany just 40 years later.

The Boer war was used to gain world wide political sympathy for the Boers. They went on to become a powerful group in South Africa and were the mainstay of Apartheid and the oppression of black Africans. The Boer war atrocities were made up to support the Afrikaans rule of South Africa. If you’re in any doubt I strongly suggest you get yourself a copy of ‘Cry Freedom’.

Here is what Boer leader General Christiaan de Wet had to say about the British:

“The English are all scum and will be crushed under the Afrikaans heal.”

Source: ‘Die Son’, 1990 (‘The Sun’ Afrikaans).

End of story.

Post script.

The irony of the Boer War wearswar article is not lost on those who have been fighting Holocaust denial and Nazi apologia as long as I have. To put it simply, Holocaust deniers seem to have no problem accepting historical evidence for the Boer War, evidence  which they would never accept for the Holocaust. They also demand evidence for the Holocaust which goes way beyond that needed for other historical events. They also have no problem lying with the origins of sources regarding the Holocaust nor making so called evidence up.

That is what I call hypocrisy.

So, how many examples of historical skulduggery can you see?