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 That some German and Japanese actions, […] went far beyond the somewhat elastic conception of the rules of civilized warfare cannot be denied.

Well…as regards denial:

  1. German responsibility for WW2.
  2. The German responsibility for the invasion of The Soviet Union.
  3. German responsibility for the deaths of 3 million Soviet POWs.
  4. The Holocaust.

As far as I am aware, Mr Wear has kept well away from Japanese criminality. It doesn’t involve Jews I suppose…

There would be a case for the impartial trial of all persons charged with such actions before a neutral tribunal.

No there wouldn’t.

But the International Tribunal, composed of American, British, French, and Soviet judges, which sat in judgment at Nuremberg and Tokyo, and the subsequent tribunals set up by the occupying powers in their respective zones, lacked the most elementary sanctions of a court of law.

Very amusing Mr Wear, Interesting how the war trials carried out by Germans in German courts which also reached the same verdicts as the Nuremberg trials don’t actually get a mention.

Why is that?

Germans at the time of the Nuremberg trials found the trials incredibly fair.

The prosecutors were also both judge and jury.

No they weren’t. The prosecution council did not make any judgments. That was left in the hands of the judges.

Most of the major offenses against the Nazis—plotting and waging aggressive war, forcible seizure of alien territory, impressment for slave labor, looting and undernourishment of the population in occupied countries, and mass murder of both soldiers and civilians—could be charged just as convincingly against one or all of the victorious powers.

…and Mr Wear plays the equivalence game. It doesn’t work Mr Wear.

  1. The Allies did not plan an aggressive war.
  2. The Allies seized territory in order to win the war and to try to maintain post war peace.
  3. German POWs were used in France to clear up the mess the Nazis had left behind during 4 years of occupation. All were back home by 1948.
  4. Food was a problem all over post war Europe. German people suffered more than most immediately after the war but there were no cases of mass death by starvation.
  5. 1.7 million German POWs were not deliberately murdered by the Americans and French. Most German civilians expelled from Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia in 1945/6 were not murdered.

American judges and publicists who participated in the postwar trials reluctantly revealed the fact that American officers and agents, in trying to force Germans to confess or produce damaging evidence, were guilty of all manner of ruthless brutalities which matched the worst of which the Nazis were accused.

All proven to be false claims made up by men wanting to save their own necks from the hangman’s noose. For a debunking of the Malmedy Trials myths see here:

The hypocrisy of the war-crimes trials is well illustrated by the case of the German, Admiral Erich Raeder, who was given a life sentence for plotting aggressive war, namely, helping to plan the Nazi invasion of Norway.

Raeder was found guilty on 3 accounts:

Conspiracy against peace.

Conspiracy to commit aggression.

War Crimes.

He expected to be hanged. Instead he received a life sentence. He was released in 1955.

He was not found guilty simply on account of the planned invasion of Norway.

Aside from the affront to equity, in that the accusers were guilty of the same crimes as the accused, the legal aspects of the postwar trials constituted an affront to the basic principles of jurisprudence and accepted legal practice

Rubbish. WW2 was unprecedented in modern history. Many of the crimes committed by the Germans and Japanese needed a new appraisal regarding war crimes. The rules established at Nuremberg are the cornerstone of out modern rules for warfare and the treatment of non combatants.

Just as bad was the policy allowing the accusing nations also to provide the judges and juries.

There were no juries. Mr Wear can’t even get that bit right.

Officers were punished for the deeds of soldiers, though they had no knowledge or responsibility for their actions.

Again…rubbish. Senior officers may have denied knowledge of atrocities but documentary evidence (which was the main source of evidence at Nuremberg) proved that they knew exactly what was going on and authorised said actions as policy.

soldiers were punished merely for obeying orders.

Which was no longer to become an excuse for deliberate murder.

Especially preposterous was the trial and punishment of industrialists who were merely serving their government in a period of intense national emergency.

They were knowingly aiding their government in the extermination of at least 1 million Jews and non Jews alike as well as the mass murder of workers in their factories due to horrendous conditions. All in the name of the Nazi system and personal profit.

Sour Grapes.