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Mr Wear picks up and rams down our throats the notion of Germany as a victimised nation suffering alone under Allied oppression in the first few years after surrender in May 1945. What is it he says?

“One of the great tragedies of the 20th century was the forced expulsion of ethnic Germans from their homes after the end of World War II.”

Indeed. A great tragedy, but a tragedy that needs to be seen in the context of a ruined continent at the end of the greatest military conflict in history.

So let us lay down some basic historical facts.

  1. The greatest number of German civilians that moved from occupied countries in the east did so voluntarily from as early as 1943. They moved west as the German army retreated westwards from the Soviet advance. Those left behind or who stayed behind were moved after 1945 in terrible conditions.
  2. German civilians were forbidden to move westwards by the Nazi government itself until the very last moment. To do so earlier meant punishment.
  3. German civilians in eastern countries like Czechoslovakia and Poland were placed there by expelling the Poles and Czechs who were already living there before them.
  4. Conditions in Germany at the end of the war were extremely harsh and hunger was a constant companion. Germans, however did not die in millions from starvation or illness.

Like his previous attempts in previous articles Mr Wear tries to create an atmosphere of mass death whilst the descriptions he provides only prove hardship and suffering. No historian denies this hardship and suffering. Where Mr Wear gets it wrong is his cruel and dishonest attempt to blame the Allies for a deliberate policy to murder German civilians and POWs. That was never the case.

Germany in 1945 was a ruin. The German people had followed a mad man to the very end; a mad man who determined as early as March 1945 that nothing in Germany that would be of any use to the allies would be left standing. When the Allies finally took over Germany, the country was devastated. Without Allied aid and organisation many more Germans would have died than actually did. It was a close run thing, but after 3 years, certainly West Germany came out of the other side a lot stronger.

The Policy To Expel & Force Resettlement of Germans into Germany

The Germans who stayed behind after the retreat of the German army were naive if they thought they could simply revert to how it was in places like Czechoslovakia and Poland before the war started. As Mr R.M.Douglas states quite clearly in his book “Orderly and Humane” p 63:

“They entirely failed to understand how profoundly the experience of living for years in an environment of unbridled terror, in which any non German had been liable to imprisonment, deportation, torture or execution for any reason and at any time, had traumatised and radicalised the societies of which they were a part. Themselves the beneficiaries of a “Herrenvolk” status that even in the midst of war, surrounded them in a cocoon of relative privilege, they were unaware of how much resentment their taken-for-granted advantages- better food, housing, and employment; the right to sweep to the head of the queue at shops and post offices; the marking in most towns of theaters, cinemas, park benches and even street benches as “nur fur Deutsche” (“Germans Only”) -generated among those they had usurped.”

There was only one system to blame for the way Germans were treated in the eastern territories at the end of the war. That system was the National Socialist one.

Full stop.

Mr Wear in the comments section of his article sings the praises of Mr Douglas’ book “Orderly and Humane” to one of his sycophants. He states:

Much of the information in this post comes from the book “Orderly and Humane” by R. M. Douglas. Mr. Douglas is an establishment historian who teaches at Colgate University. The book “Orderly and Humane” is published by Yale University Press. So critics can not claim that I am not using establishment historical sources for the information in this post.

Mr Douglas would however be shocked at the cherry picking of his book that Mr Wear employs. What is interesting is the parts of the book Mr Wear does not mention. The most important part being this on p 5:

It is appropriate at the outset to state explicitly that no legitimate comparison can be drawn between post war expulsions and the appalling record of German offensives against Jews and other innocent victims between 1939 and 1945. The extent of Nazi criminality and barbarity in central and eastern Europe is on a scale and of a degree that is almost impossible to overstate. In the entire span of human history, nothing can be found to surpass it, nor, with the possible exception of current revelations about Mao’s China, to equal it. Germany’s neighbours suffered most grievously and unjustifiably at her hands, and were profoundly traumatised as a result. Whatever occurred after the war cannot possibly be equated to the atrocities perpetrated by the Germans during it, and suggestions to the contrary – including those made by the expellees themselves- are both deeply offensive and historically illiterate. Nothing I have written in the book should be taken otherwise.

Mr Wear is a fraud and a distorter of history. He attempts to absolve Nazi Germany of all responsibility for WW2 and insinuates that the Germans were the real victims of the war. Moreover he tries to diminish the crimes committed by the Nazis and accuses a whole ethnic/religious group of lying in order to line their own pockets. These are the sort of lies that have resulted in the Holocaust Denial laws in certain countries. Holocaust Denial has nothing to do with finding the truth or even revise history.

It has everything to do with promoting hatred.