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It certainly appears that Mr Wear has run out of things to post. He simply repeats a lot of the debunked themes that have been running through his website the last few months. I have no intention visiting them again, but there are one or two small additions that deserve a comment or two.

 There were clear designs to destroy Germany before WWII.

No there weren’t.

 This is because the breathtaking scale and horror of the atrocities committed against Germans dwarfs the so-called Holocaust.

Spoken like a true neo Nazi and Holocaust denier. It is of course rubbish. Even Mr Wear’s favourite historian on the post war expulsions, R.M. Douglas, says so.

 The real agenda of World War II was the complete destruction of Germany in perpetuity, as evidenced by German leader Angela Merkel throwing away a German flag in disgust on a globally televised platform.

Mr Wear makes an unusual analogy. I am still trying to work out the connection! As to the flag issue…well Mr Wear shows a lack of understanding of German attitudes towards flag waving. He needs to use Google a bit more.

After signing the pre-Armistice contract to end WWI, the Allies continued their naval blockade. This resulted in the starvation of 800,000 Germans

Nowhere near. There is no data regarding deaths in Germany after the war but consensus seems to be around 100,000 deaths post 1918.

 In his widely read book published in 1941, Germany Must Perish, Theodore Kaufman wrote…

…junk. Kaufman was a nobody. He had no influence on any political decisions. Mr Wear gives him far more importance than he deserves. The book got a mention in 2 newspapers. Big deal. The Germans, however, found it a real propaganda gold mine and used it as a means of making the ordinary German people continue the fight.

In Germany as a whole it is estimated that 2 million German girls and women were raped in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Mainly by Soviet troops in 1945 as they entered Germany. It was a war crime.

This represents more rapes against a defeated enemy than any other war in history.

Not true. Recent studies estimate that rapes committed by German forces in the occupied eastern countries to be around the 10 million mark.


for a thorough study of rape committed by German forces on the eastern front.

By contrast, the German army behaved very correctly toward the people of occupied territories whose governments were signatories of The Hague and Geneva Conventions.

So that means France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark etc etc etc. Does Mr Wear imply that it was quite OK to rape those innocent people in Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Ukraine and Russia? Because that is where the bulk of the rapes committed by those “correct” German soldiers occurred.

Rape by German soldiers in these territories was strictly forbidden.

Indeed… as it was in the western Allied armies. That did not mean to say that rapes did not take place. The secret recordings of German POWs taken whilst in camps in the UK show that rape in Italy was commonplace; where a soldier would put a pistol against the head of a girl to force her to have sex.

See “Soldaten” by Sonke Neitzel and Harald Welzer, p 175

Oskar Groening a 96-year-old man is being jailed for the murder of 300,000 Jews in Auschwitz.

Oh the irony! Oskar Groening openly admitted that the gassing of Jews at Auschwitz took place!! He came forward and stated this when he overheard other ex servicemen saying that the Holocaust was all made up.

Few people understand these are not normal criminal trials, they do not resemble the rule of law our nations developed over centuries in any way shape or form. 

These are normal trials taking place in a democratic country. Mr Wear is a fool if he believes otherwise.

There is no demand on the prosecution to prove whether 6 million, 4.5 million, 2.5 million, 1.5 million or 300,000 souls died at Auschwitz. Nor prove by what means they died despite chemistry, autopsy  & other science based evidence contradicting the narrative.

That’s because in the eyes of the courts the Holocaust is a proven historical fact. It has been for the last 70 years of so. The Groening trial had nothing to do with proof for the Holocaust, it had everything to do with his role in that crime against humanity.

Holocaust deniers have proven nothing. They have debunked nothing. They are a small band of bigots that deserve the contempt and disgust of the vast majority of ordinary people.

If laws must be adjusted to a particular crime scene to defend that specific crime scene from forensic investigation

ZZzzzzzz…..Mr Wear really has no idea what he is talking about.

we are awaiting the equivalent ‘justice’ to be granted to the non-Communist Jews who were intentionally deprived of food and basic necessities by the gangs of Communist-Jews in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

A situation put in place by the SS regime at the time; a situation that turned ordinary men into animals in their attempts to survive the brutality of the concentration camp. The only blame for the violence in the camps was the regime that put those camps in place. That regime was not a communist one.

BTW…most of the Communist prisoners in Buchenwald were not Jews.