Too late, Mr Wear. I already busted your article here:

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Mr Wear or his little helpers added a few more denier myths to the original article posted by Mr Wear at Inconvenient histories which need commenting on.


  1. The Red Cross has very little access to the German Concentration camp system during the war. Supplies were delivered to camps, but Red Cross officials were refused direct access to the camps until the last weeks of the war. Auschwitz itself was visited once in 1944 but the ICRC representative never went anywhere near Birkenau and only went as far as the Auschwitz main camp office. The Red Cross never kept a count of concentration camp prisoner deaths. Moreover, most Jews exterminated by the Nazis were never registered in Auschwitz and the Aktion  Reinhard camps were never part of the concentration camp system. No ICRC member ever set foot in the AR camps.
  2. There was no effort by the Allies to take air photos of the extermination camps to obtain evidence of what was going on…and certainly not in 1942. The Aktion Reinhard camps were never photographed by the Allies because they were dismantled before they came in to range of allied aircraft. The only air photos of Auschwitz were taken in 1944 as part of an attempt to find out about the industrial goings on at the camp complex. The photos had nothing to do with obtaining evidence for mass murder. However, one recently found RAF photo shows the burning pits in operation to the rear of Crematoria 5. Image result for air photos bbc Auschwitz
  3. All the extermination camps were found in Poland. Poland was liberated by the Soviets. There is no conspiracy here. Evidence for the camps comes from a variety of sources…and not all coming from the Soviets.