Poor Alfred.

The German government takes the denial of the Holocaust and the promotion of Nazi apologia quite seriously. They view them as “hate speech”, which is exactly what they are.

“Only recently, about 3 years ago, did I first hear anything about these Rhine Meadow Death Camps.”

So when Alfred says this:

“Reading this book triggered my own childhood memories of my Dad’s stories a long time ago.”

later in his speech…he is not quite telling us the truth.

“Christopher Bollyn…”

…is a 9/11 conspiraloon who thinks “it was the joos wot done it”.

“Other Losses written by Canadian author James Bacque.”

Has been thoroughly debunked. His claim that hundreds of thousands of POWs died and were classed as “Other Losses” has been debunked. Those “Other Losses” were simply members of the Volkssturm among others released and told to go home.

“As planned, basic food and water was systematically withheld from these prisoners to deliberately let them die as cruelly as possible by starvation and exposure to the elements.”

As NOT planned. The Americans were simply flooded with POWs escaping from the Russians. Conditions in the TEMPORARY enclosures were hard for the first few weeks, but conditions improved. There was nothing planned about any so called deliberate starvation of German POWs.

“We are being beaten to the ground, to our knees, with WORDS. We are crawling on the ground full of shame and self hatred. The Germans and the entire world has been smothered with horrible atrocity propaganda for over one hundred years now. This is done to destroy our roots, our own heritage. It is done to make it impossible to commemorate our ancestors with dignity, with honour, and with pride.”

I get the impression Alfred is talking about fans of National Socialism here. Most Germans of course feel nothing of the sort.

“The fact that the genocide of the German peoples was the intention all along is proven by documented publications. Whether we look at the plans that the JEW Morgenthau had, or the JEW Theodor Kaufmann with his crude publication titled Germany Must Perish.”

JEW? So now we see exactly where Alfred’s though processes lie. The Morgenthau  Plan was never fully implemented and Kaufmann was an individual nut job who had absolutely no influence on US policy. The Marshall Plan kick started the West German economy and was pivotal in the rise of West Germany and then a unified Germany in western Europe.

“This biological attack on our white race…”

It appears Alfred is a White Supremacist as well.

“Everywhere, in all layers of society, in every town, in every street, the people are waking up!!!”

Not really. Poor Alfred and his pals don’t represent the people.

“The book written by James Bacque about these Rhein Meadow death camps with the title Other Losses, describes precisely this aspect of this genocide.”

No it doesn’t.

“How is it possible to murder millions of Germans after open hostilities have officially ended, without anyone taking notice of it?”

Hey Alfred…it’s because your version of post war German history never happened. You don’t think people would notice at least 1 million POW bodies littering the German and French countryside?

“I have been manipulated to take a knife and then I stab myself in my own heart. This stab wound is not fatal, as was intended, and I slowly recover from this bizarre attack. Is my hand now guilty? Or is it the monster that has manipulated me to do that?”


….and so we move into some crappy card game metaphor.

Still…if any person has doubts as to poor Alfred’s philosophy then look no further than the source of his speech as kindly provided by Wear War.

American Nazis.