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The Nuremberg Trials really do seem to appeal to the Wear’s war sycophants. I have no idea why. The latest copy and paste job is based on Holocaust Denier, Carlos Porter and his book “Made in Russia: The Holocaust” and comes originally from a comment made by Mr Wear at Amazon in 2014.

The premise of the article posted at Wear’s war is that German defendants were executed based on what look initially like farcical reasons. Firstly let us see exactly why certain German defendants were hanged. Here is the main indictment to do with mass murder, Count 3:

“The murders and ill-treatment were carried out by divers means, including shooting, hanging, gassing, starvation, gross overcrowding, systematic under-nutrition, systematic imposition of labor tasks beyond the strength of those ordered to carry them out, inadequate provision of surgical and medical services, kickings, beatings, brutality and torture of all kinds, including the use of hot irons and pulling out of fingernails and the performance of experiments by means of operations and otherwise on living human subjects.”

No mention of atomic bombs, no mention of steam or electricity chambers, no mention of brain bashing machines, no mention of cut down trees.

A mass of evidence was provided at the trials, some based on rumour and hearsay. The judges at the trial were not obliged to accept all the evidence supplied. Looking at the indictment, they didn’t.

Saying all this, Porter has deliberately missed out the context of some of the evidence he mentions. Let us take for example the evidence concerning “atomic bombs”:

“–killing 20,000 Jews in a village near Auschwitz with an atomic bomb”

This super weapon could just as easily have been a special type of explosive gas. Indeed Speer made it clear BEFORE the mention of the rumoured 20,000 Jewish deaths that the German atomic program was behind by a couple of years. No German was actually accused of developing and using this new super weapon. Speer was questioned about it by Jackson to ask if the rumour of its existence were true. Speer went on to say that if it had existed he would have known about it. He stated quite categorically that the Germans did not have such a weapon. Of course we don’t know about that fact because Porter failed to show us p 530 of the trial documents where all is explained.

I cannot believe Mr Wear allowed his little team to slip in the following Twitter meme:

propganda britain

It is simply one big lie.

Former Nazi and anti Semite, Friedrich Grimm did indeed claim that this  was said to him shortly after the end of the war. The problem is that he did not claim that Sefton Delmer was the man who said it to him; the source was some unknown Frenchman. Grimm never said who. It is at the very least, hearsay…at the very worst Grimm simply made the story up. I personally go for the latter.

If you are reading this post, John, you really DO need to have a word with your “staff”. Having locked horns with you quite regularly over the last few years, I am pretty sure that you are NOT responsible for this latest howler.

And finally….

The Book That Requires Trolls On A Salary To Attempt To Discredit It.

I don’t need a salary John…I do it all for free.