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As already noted in a previous article, for all Bobby Fischer was a chess genius he was to became a total nut job in his final years, believing virtually every conspiracy theory going…including Holocaust denial. I have no real interest in the musings of Bobby Fischer but Mr Wear’s Review contains a little piece about how unfairly he believes holocaust Deniers have been treated by authors like Mr Brady. It is this piece that I will comment on.

“Brady states that in response to Laszlo Polgar’s question of how Polgar’s relatives had disappeared in German concentration camps, Fischer “had nothing to back up his claim and could only refer to various Holocaust denial books.”

No doubt disappeared via typhus or typhoid and other “natural deaths”.

“Brady, who lists no Holocaust revisionist books in his Bibliography, fails to explain why Holocaust revisionist books are not a credible source of information.”

Because Holocaust denial is not real history and has gone through no peer review process. Holocaust denial is a distortion of evidence, out of context quotes, and downright lies. THAT is why no real historian or academic takes it seriously, or takes those who write it seriously.

“Why are books written by revisionists such as Dr. Arthur Robert Butz and Dr. Robert Faurisson not credible sources of information?”

Butz and Faurisson are not revisionists. They are deniers. Neither man has revised anything. Neither man can prove an alternative scenario to the gas chambers. Butz believes that the Soviets have a mass of documentation proving the Jews were transported “east” into the occupied USSR. He can’t prove it. Faurisson makes claims regarding the properties of hydrogen cyanide which he, as a non scientist can provide no proof for.

“Brady gives no explanation for his complete dismissal of what he calls “Holocaust denial books.”

Brady doesn’t need to.

Now we come to the funny bit….

“As someone who has read approximately 150 books on the so-called Holocaust…”

No he hasn’t. Mr Wear gets most of his “facts” from the Internet. He does step out now and again to go to his local library, but he has not read the amount of books he claims to have. A particular favourite of his is the IHR website. Mr Wear loves to footnote his articles to give them an academic appearance. He tends to reference books and their pages as if he has read them. The fact is that more often than not, he gets those book references from an IHR article.

“I think anyone who objectively studied the subject would realize that the Holocaust story is a fraud.”

Mr Wear is not objective. He never has been. His website proves that.

“Neither Bobby Fischer nor I dispute that many Jews died in Auschwitz/Birkenau and other German concentration camps.”

That is what most Holocaust deniers say. Mr Wear is a Holocaust denier.

“What we dispute is that Jews died in homicidal gas chambers as a result of a German plan of genocide.”

Shame Mr Wear can’t give a better proven alternative then.

“The Jews who died in German concentration camps during World War II died mostly from typhus, typhoid and other natural causes, and not from a German program of genocide.”

There is nothing “natural” about death by disease caused by conditions of the Nazis’ own making. Victims of typhus and starvation died because the Nazi regime put them in a situation which caused those diseases and conditions to occur.

Indeed, many Jews did die of typhus and other illnesses in concentration camps. They also died from brutality, shootings and overwork. Saying that, those who were gassed tended to be gassed, in the main, in extermination camps. Extermination camps like Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor and Chelmno did not form part of the concentration camp system. Auschwitz, of course, was a far more complex camp. It was classed as a concentration camp, but it also served as and extermination center. Around 870,000 Jews died there in the gas chambers. Most were never registered as part of the system as they were murdered withing hours of their arrival at the camp. Victims tended to be those not considered fit for work: the old, the sick and the young. Others gassed at Auschwitz were those registered but who became weak through overwork or illness. In all, Jews and non Jews alike, 1.1 million people died at Auschwitz.

“Brady does not tell us why he calls these books “hate books,” or why these authors were not qualified to write their books.”

Because they tell lies and distort historical facts in order to exculpate Nazis of their crimes or to accuse Jews of telling lies usually for profit or financial gain. Often it is simply down to a hatred of Jews in general.

“David Hoggan, for example, earned a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University and did extensive research in the archives regarding World War II history.”

So what? All that makes him is a denier with a brain.

“Brady ignores the fact that the Holocaust story is such a fraud that at least 19 countries including Hungary have made publicly disputing the Holocaust a felony.”

The holocaust denial laws are not there to protect the validity of the Holocaust. Neither are they there to stop people researching the Holocaust…and whatever other myths spouted by deniers and their ilk. The laws are there to stop denial being used to attack minority groups and those unable to defend themselves. Denial is classed as hate speech.

“Brady also ignores the fact that the Bolshevik revolution was largely Jewish instigated”

It wasn’t. The “objective” Mr Wear readily buys into the anti Semitic myths that have been doing the rounds for 100 years or so. His sources are in themselves sources that have either made “facts” up because of their own antisemitism or sources that have relied on the words of others. Historians who have made a study of actual official Bolshevik documents don’t agree with the anti Semitic myths; historians like Benjamin  Pinkus who made one of the first truly objective studies of the Bolsheviks and the Jews. So what was HIS take on the Jews in  the early days of Bolshevism?

  1. Jews after 1903 made up a small part of the Bolshevik movement. Most Russian Jews were not Bolsheviks.
  2. Out of 23,000 possible members of the Bolshevik party in 1917 Jews made up around 5% of the membership. (Estimations only as pre 1917 data is not available and estimations based on 1922 data.)
  3. In April 1917, 3 of the 9 members of the Central Committee were Jews. In August 1917, 6 of the 21 members of the Central Committee were Jews.
  4. Jews did hold important roles in the Bolshevik party even if they were a minority…but
  5. In 1922, the year of the FIRST actual membership census Jews made up 5.21% of all Communist Party members.
  6. In 1927 there were 49,627 Jewish members: 4.34% of all Party members.

Pinkus has this to say about the Jewish/Bolshevik myth:

“…it has no historical basis and has generally been raised by those who hate the Jews. Notwithstanding the important part played by Jews, the October Revolution was the outcome of propitious circumstances and was the handiwork of many peoples: The Russians themselves first and foremost, the Jews, and the Latvians and the Poles all played a decisive role in the critical hours and the installation of the new regime after the October Revolution.”

The Jews of the Soviet Union” Benjamin Pinkus, Cambridge University Press, 1988.(reprinted in 1989), pages 77 – 79.

Interestingly enough, Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn (himself not a great admirer of Jews) arrived at a similar conclusion in his book “200 Tears together.”.