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Mr Wear, in this article tries his hand at some sort of straw man construction. He presents us with a claim, and then proceeds to knock that claim down.

So here is the claim:

The Lie:

Germany conspired with the other Axis Powers to start World War II.

Well, as far as I know, I cannot think of any historian who believes this to be the case. It’s interesting how Mr Wear, who is usually so keen to give us sources for his claims fails to do so in this case.

The Truth:

Well, Mr Wear’s version of it. So let’s have a look.

No confirmation has ever been found in German archives that Germany conspired to instigate World War II.

No one would argue that Hitler was wanting a world war, but he was wanting to expand into the east. He gave approval for a plan to invade Poland as far back as March 1939. This invasion plan was known as “Case White” (Fall Weiss). ”

“The Axis powers also never had a clear-cut plan for achieving world domination.”

I can’t think of any serious historian who has made that claim. Perhaps Mr Wear might like to give us some pointers.

“Hitler confirms the lack of military coordination between Germany and Italy in his Testament.”

Quite correct. Well, at least until Rommel entered North Africa where German and Italian forces fought together.

“British historian A. J. P. Taylor states that Hitler was not intending or anticipating a major war, much less pursuing a clear-cut plan for achieving world domination in coordination with the Axis powers”

A.J.P. Taylor is correct in his assessment. Hitler was not anticipating a long drawn out war, and neither was he working hand in hand with other Axis nations to seek world domination.

So (1) Mr Wear tries to absolve Hitler of starting the biggest war in modern history by (2)making the false claim that historians believe that Hitler was intent on world domination closely supported by his Axis allies. Mr Wear then (3)debunks this non existent claim, thus (4) absolving Hitler of all guilt for starting a major war.

I don’t think Mr Wear is up to option (5).