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Did The Allies Outdo The Germans In Crimes & Atrocities?

 Well, there’s a simple answer to that one.


The Wear camp resorts to yet more copy and paste from the out of date IHR archives. The Nuremberg Trials are a favourite whipping boy for the boys over at Wears War, but the focus of this article is on the so called “War Crimes” committed by the Allied forces during WW2. I have no intention of going over the same stuff concerning the Trial procedures.

“As Irving shows, the victorious Allies who sat in judgment at Nuremberg were guilty of many of the same actions or crimes for which they tried (and hanged) the German defendants.”

Actually, MANY of the guilty at Nuremberg were guilty of actions far more serious and on a far greater scale than any crimes (alleged and actual) committed by Allied forces during WW2. Neither were all the defendants actually hanged.

“Indeed, the Allies very probably outdid the Germans in crimes and atrocities.”

Probably? So what are these crimes the Allies are accused of?

 “…the British-American fire bombings of Dresden, Hamburg and other German cities, killing tens of thousands of civilians at a time,”

Not a crime according to the rules of war in place at the time. German airspace was one of the most heavily defended areas in the war. The deaths of 50,000 or so R.A.F. bomber crews attest to that fact.

“the “ethnic cleansing” mass expulsion of German civilians from eastern and central Europe, of whom some two million perished or were killed”

Carried out after the most destructive war in history when emotions were running high especially in those countries that had been under vicious Nazi control since the late 1930s. Ethnic Germans were not very popular in 1945, specially in places like Poland and Czechoslovakia.

“the widespread summary shootings of German prisoners,”

Widespread? Well, certainly on the eastern front where the warfare there was incredibly vicious. Many German soldiers were shot after surrender in the last months of the war by the Soviets. There were still well over 1 million German soldiers missing on the eastern front and only since the end of the Soviet Union have these men been gradually unearthed from those battlefields. In the west, there was no widespread shootings of German prisoners. There were localised shootings, no doubt. These were war crimes. They also occur in the heat of the moments and for a variety of reasons.

“…the Allies’ use of hundreds of thousands of German prisoners as slave laborers.”

Many used in France to help clear up the mess left behind behind by the Germans when they had occupied France. Many Frenchmen had been taken to Germany and were only just being returned to France, most not in a condition to work anywhere. German soldiers worked in agriculture and helped in the clearing of minefields. German soldiers were used in the finding of mines. French engineers were the ones who cleared them. Many Germans chose to stay in France where they met French women and married. Most were released and repatriated to Germany by 1948.

“the sinking by British aircraft during the war’s final days of a clearly marked German Red Cross refugee ship, the Cap Arcona, killing 7,300 refugees, mostly women and children.”

This incident was NOT a war crime. This incident was an unfortunate result of confusion and information not being available due to human error. There is no evidence that the Cap Arcona was painted with Red Cross markings. The Cap Arcona was one of several ships believed by the British to be full of high ranking SS officials and concentration camp staff attempting to escape to Norway. The attack was an attempt to cut off this escape and to kill as many of these SS personnel as possible. That is what the pilots were told. Information that there were ships in the area full of concentration camp prisoners was made available to the British but that information, for whatever reason, never reached the aircraft. The result was the deaths of over 7,000 concentration camp prisoners. They were not refugees.

“In some cases, the Nuremberg defendants were charged with or held guilty of crimes that were actually committed by the Allies. Most noteworthy, perhaps, is the massacre, at Katyn and elsewhere, of some 11,000–15,000 Polish officers and intellectuals. At Nuremberg Soviet prosecutors presented seemingly persuasive evidence of German responsibility for this crime, and several Germans whom a Soviet court had found guilty of these killings were publicly hanged in Leningrad.”

Ah…where would Nazi apologist be without Katyn? Indeed, the Soviets at Nuremberg tried to blame the Germans for the Katyn massacres. None of those Germans named were proven guilty. The Americans and British knew who was guilty of the massacres. It wasn’t the Germans. Moreover the massacre took place before the Soviets allied with the British and Americans. I have found no evidence that Germans were accused of the Katyn massacres and hanged as a result in Leningrad. Germans were hanged in the USSR, but for other war crimes committed against Soviet citizens.

“In a final report released in 1952, the committee declared there was no doubt of Soviet guilt, and called the massacre “one of the most barbarous international crimes in world history.” It found that Roosevelt’s administration suppressed public knowledge of the crime, but said it was out of military necessity. It also recommended the government bring charges against the Soviets at an international tribunal — something never acted upon.”

The same source also explains why the report was not acted upon:

“Despite the committee’s strong conclusions, the White House maintained its silence on Katyn for decades, showing an unwillingness to focus on an issue that would have added to political tensions with the Soviets during the Cold War.”

Accusing the Allies of crimes equal to, if not worse, than those crimes committed by the Nazis is simply ridiculous.