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I am always amazed about what Mr Wear will and will not accept as authentic evidence when it comes to proof of historical events. Mr Wear introduces us to an article made by revisionist historian and former Holocaust denier, Mark Weber. Make no mistake, the article produced by Mr Wear here, is nothing more than a bulk copy and paste from Mark Weber’s original article found here.

So what does the article tell us?

Well…basically according to Mr Weber the Jews pressurised Roosevelt into driving the US into war with Nazi Germany; that the US did all its best to provoke war with Germany. The evidence for this is so called secret papers regarding meetings and interviews between the Poles and the US Government via the Polish Ambassador to the US,  Jerzy Potocki. These “secret papers” were allegedly captured by the Germans after the conquest of Poland in 1939. The papers were then quoted in German periodicals and sent in turn to America in an attempt to boost the isolationist cause. This attempt by the Nazi propaganda machine failed.

At the time, there was indeed an attempt by Britain, now with its back to the wall to try to get the US into the war. Roosevelt had no intention at the time of involving the US directly, after all he had promised no US citizens would ever fight a European war again. That did not stop him from attempting to aid Europe by supplying any help short of war. Yes, Roosevelt was treading a fine line. Yes, news of his correspondence with Churchill might be embarrassing to him, but Roosevelt knew that the defense of the US and the free world started with the defense of Britain. His hands were tied but he used all his political guile to find some way to give support.

So, back to the so called “secret” Polish documents. How sure are we that the information supplied by Mr Weber via Mr Wear about these documents can be trusted?

  1. The original documents have never been seen. The information we do see comes directly from German sources.
  2. The main people quoted in the documents deny that they ever made the statements they were alleged to have made.
  3. The accusations appear to come direct from the German propaganda ministry and are an attempt to discredit the Roosevelt government and strengthen the cause of the isolationists.
  4. The propaganda had little effect on the US public who no doubt saw it for what it actually was.

The political tightrope walking carried out by Roosevelt in an attempt to aid the western democracies at a time when aid was needed the most is a complex one. For a thorough understanding of this crucial period, then Ian Kershaw’s account is an excellent start. See “Fateful Choices. Ten decisions that Changed the World  1940-1942“. Pages 184-242.

Mr Wear appears to have a copy of the book. I’m amazed he did not read it all.