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In the article found here, Mr Wear sings the praises of US historian Joseph W. Bendersky and his book ““The Jewish Threat”, Anti-Semitic Politics Of The American Army

Indeed, Mr Wear tells us:

“The “Jewish Threat” by Joseph W. Bendersky is a well-researched and documented book…”


So what exactly is the book about? Let us look at the book description:

“Very little has been written about America’s own history of anti-Semitism. In this shocking book, the first documented examination of anti-Semitism in an American governmental institution, Joseph Bendersky shows that such racism permeated the highest ranks of the U.S. military throughout the past century, having a very real effect on policy decisions. Through ten years of research in more than thirty-five archives, the author uncovered irrefutable evidence of endemic and virulent anti-Semitism throughout the Army Corps from the turn of the century right up to the 1970s. This fully developed and clearly articulated perspective had a direct effect on policy discussions and decisions, affecting such matters as immigration, refugees, military strategy, and the establishment of Israel. Written with novelistic intensity and attention to intriguing detail, The “Jewish Threat” forces us to revise some of our cherished notions about our country and its most revered leaders.”

So Mr Brandersky is doing nothing more than highlighting the rampant anti-Semitism within the US military, telling us the rumours and false information that members of the military actually wanted to believe and telling us the affects on US military policy.

At no point does Mr Brandersky state that those rumours and beliefs were actually true.

Mr Wear has simply cherry picked quotes from the book without any thought as to context.

I have no doubt that Mr Bendersky would be the last person to support Mr Wear’s use of his book.