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Mr Wear and his band of merry men and women continue the theme of “Germany was the real victim of WW2”.

So let us delve deeper into the distorted world of Mr Wear and his mixed band of racists and neo Nazis.

“The aftermath of WWII, known as “History’s Most Terrifying Peace“, is intentionally ignored or downplayed.”

No it isn’t. According to one of Mr Wear’s former favourites on the subject, R.M.Douglas, ( favourite until it was shown that Mr Douglas did not actually agree with Mr Wear’s take on post war Germany ),

“It would be incorrect, however to attribute this pervasive ignorance of the expulsions, their context, and their consequences to any conspiracy of silence.”

“Orderly and Humane”, R.M. Douglas, p 2.

“The phrase “An Eye For An Eye“ is most commonly evoked as justification.”

Actually the historical and political  justification for the treatment of German civilians in the eastern areas at the end of the war has little to do with the treatment of the Jews.

“This article is one of an ongoing series describing the violent and horrific nature of the forced expulsions of ethnic Germans from their home lands after WWII ended.”

The article is nothing more than an attempt to ignore all German crimes during the war and to portray Germany as the real victim of WW2.”


“One of the great tragedies of the 20th century was the forced expulsion of ethnic Germans from their homes after the end of World War II.”

Although a great tragedy, it was a tragedy that was brought about by a people who linked themselves to one of the most reckless and destructive totalitarian regimes in the last 100 years: National Socialism.

“A minimum of 12 million and possibly as many as 18.1 million Germans were driven from their homes because of their ethnic background.”

I think Mr Wear means that up to 18 million Germans were driven from their homes in  countries that had been occupied by Germans from as early as 1938, their non German population suffering oppression, inequalities and death whilst those “poor” German civilians reaped the benefits.

“Probably 2.1 million or more of these German expellees, mostly women and children, died in what was supposed to be an “orderly and humane” expulsion.”

Actually the 2 million figure is a maximum figure. As far as the western allies were concerned the expulsions were indeed meant to be orderly and humane. Unfortunately the western allies had no control of lands in the east nor the political groups that took control there.

“The Russians did not expel many of their 1.8 million Volga Germans; instead, the Volga Germans were predominately ‘resettled’ within the Soviet Union.”

I wouldn’t think Germans were popular in the USSR in 1945. Well that’s what you get with a totalitarian regime I suppose. Still, where does 1.8 million Volga Germans shipped to places like Siberia become “10’s (sic) of millions of deaths”?

The Early German Expulsions

“The expelling nations relied almost exclusively on the use of terror to transport their German minorities across the frontiers. Except in a very few instances, deportations as a result of mob actions did not cause the German expulsions. Rather, the so-called “wild expulsions” were carried out primarily by troops, police, and militia acting under orders and policies originating at the highest levels of the expelling governments.”

Quite correct. Germans weren’t popular in places like Poland and Czechoslovakia just after May 1945.

I wonder why?

Then we get eyewitness accounts of the hardships encountered by German civilians whilst being expelled westwards. Interesting how when it comes to non Jews, eyewitness testimony is totally acceptable. With Jews witnessing the events of the Final Solution, no such eyewitness testimony is deemed acceptable. Apparently all Jews are liars in Mr Wear’s world.

Then Mr Wear slips this little photograph into the mix.

tortured german women rhine 1945.jpg

The photograph claims to be from the Rhine Meadow camps. I would like to see the original source for this photograph. So come on Mr Wear…where does this little meme actually come from?

“Not all German men were held back as slave labor. For example, approximately 5 million were held in American-run POW camps without adequate shelter or care. Approximately 1 million were starved to death in the American and French POW camps alone.”

Actually most of those men were released by the end of 1945, including the 600,000 or so men of the Volkssturm who Mr Wear believed were the dead: “Other Losses”. Around 667,000 German POWs were transferred from US custody to France to help clear up the mess the Germans had actually left it in.

One million German POWs did not die in US and French camps. Repeating it Mr Wear does not make it any more correct.

I complete my article by posting yet again the part of Mr Douglas’ book that Mr Wear dislikes the most.

“It is appropriate at the outset to state explicitly that no legitimate comparison can be drawn between post war expulsions and the appalling record of German offensives against Jews and other innocent victims between 1939 and 1945. The extent of Nazi criminality and barbarity in central and eastern Europe is on a scale and of a degree that is almost impossible to overstate. In the entire span of human history, nothing can be found to surpass it, nor, with the possible exception of current revelations about Mao’s China, to equal it. Germany’s neighbours suffered most grievously and unjustifiably at her hands, and were profoundly traumatised as a result. Whatever occurred after the war cannot possibly be equated to the atrocities perpetrated by the Germans during it, and suggestions to the contrary – including those made by the expellees themselves- are both deeply offensive and historically illiterate. Nothing I have written in the book should be taken otherwise.”