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Mr Wear continues his theme of how badly Germany was done to by those cruel Allies in the hectic period after the end of a WW2 instigated by Nazi Germany in 1939 and expanded in June 1941.

Of course all sane people are well aware that The Final Solution, a term misused by John Wear, was the organised mass murder of European Jews either by overwork or by physical extermination.

As I have pointed out previously to Mr Wear his main source for the Expulsions of post war Germans from countries like Poland and the former Czechoslovakia, Mr R.M. Douglas makes it quite clear that to try to make comparisons between the expulsions and the Holocaust is totally dishonest.

It is appropriate at the outset to state explicitly that no legitimate comparison can be drawn between post war expulsions and the appalling record of German offensives against Jews and other innocent victims between 1939 and 1945. The extent of Nazi criminality and barbarity in central and eastern Europe is on a scale and of a degree that is almost impossible to overstate. In the entire span of human history, nothing can be found to surpass it, nor, with the possible exception of current revelations about Mao’s China, to equal it. Germany’s neighbours suffered most grievously and unjustifiably at her hands, and were profoundly traumatised as a result. Whatever occurred after the war cannot possibly be equated to the atrocities perpetrated by the Germans during it, and suggestions to the contrary – including those made by the expellees themselves- are both deeply offensive and historically illiterate.

I reiterate: Mr Wear is historically illiterate.