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So Mr Wear decides to produce an article not based on Nuremberg. Instead he goes back to an area it is quite obvious he knows little about: The extermination centres, and specifically, Treblinka.

In order to try to prove that mass murder did not occur at Treblinka Mr Wear tries to punch holes in the testimonies of the few eyewitnesses who managed to actually survive. So let us have a look at the logic and example of Mr Wear and his band of merry men.

Traditional Holocaust historians state that Treblinka was a pure extermination camp in which approximately 870,000 Jews were murdered.

There is nothing “traditional” about Holocaust historians. Saying that Mr Wear gets the established approximate numbers correct. Only the ever diminishing band of Holocaust deniers would have us believe otherwise.


Rajchman described the gas chambers at Treblinka in his memoirs

Indeed he does. Interesting in the account produced by Mr Wear there is no mention of a diesel engine….

…and yet…

Austrian engineer Walter Lüftl and American engineer Friedrich Paul Berg have both documented that exhaust from Diesel engines could not have been used for mass executions at Treblinka.

The diesel debate is nothing but a straw man fallacy. The AR camps used carbon monoxide gas from a normal petrol engine and not a diesel engine. Here is a quote from a previous article of mine.

Diesel vs Gasoline engines.

Firstly let us state quite clearly, all eyewitnesses to the gassings (and not those outside the camps who wrote down what they believed or thought was going on in the camps) state that people were murdered by gassing; the Nuremberg trials post war stated in their indictments that gassing was the main cause of death in the camps. The issue of how the carbon monoxide was produced is jumped upon by Holocaust deniers like Mr Wear. Quite simply, those men who actually installed the engines, or who worked with them stated that the engines were gasoline. Those people with a lack of knowledge of engines or who never saw the engines in use simple assumed they were diesel. In the past, some historians  have not seen the issue as important. Some have said diesel engines were used, even some sites like the USHMM  have claimed diesel was used, but have recently started to alter their website as the evidence shows otherwise. This is an excellent example of REAL historical revisionism at work, and not the sham promoted by Mr Wear and his friends.

Treblinka gas chambers

Then we go on to blood…

Since blood consists mostly of water and is nonflammable, Rajchman’s story that blood burned as if it were fuel is totally absurd.

It appears Mr Wear cannot cope with a world that uses imagery. Everything in Mr Wear’s world has to be taken literally. Mr Wear cannot cope with things like metaphor or…hyperbole.

Rajchman’s story that “blood pressed up to the surface” at night but was trodden down during the day is ludicrous.

I’m sorry Mr Wear, but personal incredulity is not an acceptable means of historical research.


Glazar made two major errors in his book.

Well, it makes a change for a Holocaust denier to not accuse eyewitnesses of telling deliberate lies, so let’s see what “errors” Glazar actually made.

Glazar made two major errors in his book. First, Glazar wrote that the Germans started to burn the corpses “one overcast November afternoon” in 1942. This statement contradicts the standard Holocaust literature, which claims the incineration of corpses did not start until March/April 1943

Actually, attempts to cremate bodies at Treblinka for hygienic reasons started in August 1942 and were continued on an on off basis through November and December. This was part of the restructuring of Treblinka after the chaos of the early months of operation. Glazar simply confirms this fact. The first major cremations to get rid of the evidence for the mass murder did indeed start in March 1943.

Second, Glazar said that he was part of a camouflage unit that performed forestry work in the vicinity of Treblinka.

Indeed he did. He collected branches to serve as means of camouflaging the wire fences around the gas chambers.

Thus, according to Glazar, 25 inmates supplied Treblinka with its greenery for concealment. The “camouflage unit” would have been much larger if wood from the forest had been used to cremate the 870,000 corpses in Treblinka. The camouflage unit would also have chopped down the trees and then cut off the branches rather than engaging in tree-climbing activities. Yet Glazar apparently opines that such tree-felling never occurred during his time at Treblinka. Since historians universally state that there were no crematoria at Treblinka, this rules out the cremation of some 870,000 corpses using firewood.

Mr Wear’s issues seem to be simply conjecture. The camouflage kommando had nothing to do with the cremation pyres. The cremations at Treblinka used very little actual wood and relied on already burning bodies to serve as fuel for the others. The same system was used on a smaller scale at Dresden after the February 1945 bombing when the Germans were forced to cremate the bodies of around 8,000 people.

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Air-photo evidence also indicates that the massive deforestation necessary to cremate 870,000 bodies never took place around Treblinka

That’s because massive deforestation, like at Dresden, wasn’t actually needed.

The argument that only a fraction of the corpses were burned is not valid, since the Soviet and Polish forensic examinations of Treblinka would have discovered hundreds of thousands of corpses.

The evidence shows that virtually all the bodies were cremated and the ashes of said bodies were discovered at Treblinka in 1945 contained in a series or ash pits. Mr Wear hides this fact.

The only remaining conclusion is that most Jews at Treblinka were sent somewhere else, most likely to German-occupied Soviet territory.

But Mr Wear cannot tell us where approx 800,000 people went to. Surely vast numbers like that cannot simply move without being spotted.

The fact, Mr Wear, is that those bodies are still there.


So according to Wiernik, the gas chambers at Treblinka were not very efficient. Many victims suffocated or had to be killed with bullets, rifle butts or powerful kicks.

Indeed, the first gassings at Treblinka were not very efficient. The fact that engines broke down and had to be repaired is well known. Arad certainly mentions that fact in his book on the AR camps.

Jankiel Wiernik wrote: “Between 10,000 and 12,000 people were gassed each day.”[19] Wiernik also wrote: “The number of transports grew daily, and there were periods when as many as 30,000 people were gassed in one day…”[20] This is an incredibly large number of people killed by a defective motor that took “hours on end” to kill the victims and which was frequently left off overnight.

Except that Mr Wear is deliberately misleading the reader. Treblinka lacked in efficiency until the whole camp was reorganised in August 1942. In September more gas chambers were built so Treblinka could process more victims. After the initial breakdowns and near failures of the early months, Treblinka and other camps became ruthlessly efficient in their extermination methods.

 I wonder how 870,000 Jews could have been killed by such inefficient methods.

That’s because in the main, they weren’t killed by inefficient methods.

Wiernik described the corpses of the alleged gassing victims: “All were equal. There was no longer any beauty or ugliness, for they were all yellow from the gas.”[22]Actually, victims of carbon-monoxide poisoning exhibit a cherry-red or rosy red coloring.[23] Wiernik’s statement that the victims were “all yellow from the gas” is obviously false.

There are very few descriptions of skin colour after gassing. To the survivors who had to handle the bodies, describing skin colour was not a priority.

Saying that, Wiernik does describe yellow coloured bodies. However, we need to look at his description in full, and not cherry picked to understand the description in context. Here is what he actually wrote:

Between 450 and 500 persons were crowded into a chamber measuring 25 square meters. Parents carried their children in their arms in the vain hope that this would save their children from death. On the way to their doom, they were pushed and beaten with rifle butts and with Ivan’s gas pipe. Dogs were set upon them, barking, biting and tearing at them. To escape the blows and the dogs, the crowd rushed to its death, pushing into the chamber, the stronger ones shoving the weaker ones ahead of them. The bedlam lasted only a short while, for soon the doors were slammed shut. The chamber was filled, the motor turned on and connected with the inflow pipes and, within 25 minutes at the most, all lay stretched out dead or, to be more accurate, were standing up dead. Since there was not an inch of free space, they just leaned against each other.

They no longer shouted, because the thread of their lives had been cut off. They had no more needs or desires. Even in death, mothers held their children tightly in their arms. There were no more friends or foes. There was no more jealousy. All were equal. There was no longer any beauty or ugliness, for they all were yellow from the gas. There were no longer any rich or poor, for they all were equal before God’s throne. And why all this? I keep asking myself that question. My life is hard, very hard. But I must live on to tell the world about all this barbarism.

A Year in Treblinka.

As Wiernik was outside the gas chamber when he made his description would must assume he was imagining the scene inside the gas chamber. He was been literary rather than descriptive. What he was trying to convey I suppose only Wiernik knows. Whatever the situation, he was not describing what he actually saw.

Wiernik wrote in regard to the cremation of corpses:

“It turned out that bodies of women burned more easily than those of men. Accordingly, the bodies of women were used for kindling the fires…When corpses of pregnant women were cremated, their bellies would burst open. The fetus would be exposed and could be seen burning inside the mother’s womb.”[24]

The absurdities promulgated by Wiernik are really beyond description, yet he is probably the most prominent witness to the alleged gassings at Treblinka.

Yet again, whatever Mr Wear believes or not is irrelevant.


Goldfarb stated that dogs at Treblinka attacked the men’s genitals and the women’s breasts while the victims ran to the gas chambers. I wonder why the other survivors failed to report these vicious dog attacks of the gassing victims.

This point has already been picked up by a commentator called “Concerned German” who succeeded in posting on Mr Wears blog:

From Wiernik’s report: “Dogs were set upon them, barking, biting and tearing at them”.

I wonder how long before he too is blocked.

Goldfarb’s statement that the victims “were all standing upright and were like one single mass of flesh” is also not credible. Many of the dead victims would have fallen to the floor no matter how crowded the gas chambers. The dead victims would not have been “like one single mass of flesh.”

Mr Wear’s opinions and conjecture count for nothing.

No documentary or credible material trace exists of the alleged gas chambers at Treblinka. We would know nothing about the Treblinka gas chambers except for the testimony of a small number of eyewitnesses.

…and the fact that the remains of the gas chambers have been recently found which match the descriptions made by sonderkommandos decades before. Moreover the remains of the victims in the form of ash pits have been known about since 1945.

A November 15, 1942 report produced by the resistance movement of the Warsaw ghetto originally stated that steam chambers were used to kill Jews at Treblinka.

Seeing as the resistance movement never actually set foot in Treblinka they made the wrong assumptions about what was happening to the Jews sent there. Full trains were seen going in and empty ones coming out. How people were being murdered was conjecture. The fact that people were being murdered was under no doubt. Most of the eyewitness testimony we have refers to gassing.

Germar Rudolf writes:…

debunked crap.