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Well, after weeks of reproducing the same old garbage in order to keep his little blog going Mr Wear gives us something a little bit different. He gives us something most Holocaust Deniers will not touch. He gives us something most Holocaust Deniers treat like a Vampire treats a wooden stake.

The mythical “alternative” scenario.

So lets see what he has to say on this subject.

“Establishment historians state that all Jews sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps of Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor in Poland were exterminated. It is claimed that a handful of strong young Jews were temporarily spared to keep the camps running. All other Jews sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps are claimed to have been immediately gassed upon arrival without registration.”

Like all conspiraloons, Mr Wear has a deep mistrust of “Establishment historians”. Here we have the idea of an elite few dictating historical facts under the control of something called “The Establishment”. In reality of course we have academics from around the world all completing their own research under strict methodological rules and arriving at similar conclusions; conclusions that poor Mr Wear doesn’t actually agree with.

These historians of course are quite correct.

“In his book Holocaust, historian Peter Longerich states that 1,274,166 Jews had been killed in the Aktion Reinhardt camps by the end of 1942. Longerich bases his statement on the fact that the Höfle telegram shows that this many Jews had been sent by then to the Aktion Reinhardt camps. Longerich assumes that every Jew sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps was murdered.”

Mr Longerich states that nearly all Jews sent to The Aktion Reihard camps were murdered. That’s because they were.

So now Mr Wear goes into his “proof” of an alternative historiography.

“The reason why documentation does not exist proving that Jews were transited out of the Aktion Reinhardt camps can be explained by examining the historical context.”

No Mr Wear. The reason why there is not one single piece of documentary evidence that shows Jews were transited out of the Aktion Reinhard camps is quite simple.

There is none. Such documentation never existed. Why? Because such an alternative never happened.

“The Soviet Union took control of Poland and the documentation related to the Aktion Reinhardt camps.”

WOW! How does Mr Wear actually know that? Seeing that many Jews were shipped in to Poland from places such as Holland in the west, how did the Soviets get a hold of every single document which was actually out of their hands?

Mr Wear then gives us irrelevant information about the facts on Katyn and the massacre of Polish officers that took place there. The fact that the Soviets hid the information on the massacres until after the fall of Communism is somehow proof they hid proof of other events. Mr Wear neglects to mention that the Russians finally admitted their crime at Katyn.


“Today everybody agrees that the Soviet Union and not Germany was responsible for the Katyn Forest massacres.”

Mr Wear, everyone knew that fact in 1945.

“Another example of Soviet deception is that the Soviets hid information that would enable an outsider to construct the reality of what was happening militarily in the Soviet Union at the beginning of Germany’s invasion on June 22, 1941”

Sorry Mr Wear but attempting to prove your theory by using, as evidence, another conspiracy theory is rather weak. The Suvorov gambit is old and has been readily debunked.

“The Soviets also lied about the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek in Poland. A Soviet-Polish committee concluded in August 1944 that at least five homicidal gas chambers operated in Majdanek. The documents at Majdanek prove, however, that the gas chambers at Majdanek were built only for sanitary purposes such as delousing chambers.”

The Soviets didn’t lie about anything. They may have assumed all the gas chambers were for homicidal use. They weren’t. Some were used for delousing clothes.

“The Soviet archives have documented numerous criminal acts by the Soviet government. For example, the Soviet archives show that Stalin, Molotov and Lazar Kaganovich ordered the execution of 38,679 of their own army officers, poets, writers and other people in 1937 and 1938.”

You don’t say Mr Wear. This is relevant to some secret documentation stash because….?

“The Soviet Union under Josef Stalin engaged in numerous additional criminal acts, including the mass murder of many millions of the Soviet Union’s own citizens. Destroying the documentation related to the transportation of Jews from the Aktion Reinhardt camps would have been extremely easy to accomplish and totally consistent with the criminal nature of the Soviet government.”

Indeed the crimes of Stalin are well documented and well known. It’s just that there is no documentation for an alternative to the mass murder of Europe’s Jews. Mr Wear seems to give the Soviets superhuman powers in their ability to dispose of every single piece of paper relating to the function and use of the Aktion Reinhard camps. Documents that would have been found in the west as well as the east.

“Germar Rudolf reports an interesting case of a Jew transited to “the East” from Treblinka. Rudolf writes….”

Actually he doesn’t. The claim made by French denier before his death has been debunked by the guys at Holocaust Controversies.

The Rothstein Canard.

Basically a French Holocaust Denier called Jean-Marie Boisdefeu claimed to have found a Jewish victim, Siegmund Rothstein, who he claims passed through Treblinka on his way to Minsk from Theresienstadt Ghetto. If one man could pass through Treblinka to the east then so could many others. This conclusion is based on data kept at Yad Vashem.

Here is the debunking of this claim:

“The only thing that Boisdefeau found were two contradictory informational streams that did not even intersect (i.e. the sources that say he went to Minsk don’t say he went through Treblinka and vice versa).

Now, any database, especially such a complex one, will contain errors and contradictions. A database is not a primary source in any case, so if Boisdefeau wanted to use Rothstein’s case, he would have to do the necessary legwork and get the primary sources to exclude the chance of a typo or a mix-up. Instead he blindly relied on an electronic instrument that is liable to contain mistakes. It might have been a passable “secondary” argument, but it was a purported refutation of the exterminatory role of Treblinka. When one makes such grand claims one should rely on more than some electronic database.”

The error is simply a confusion between trains sent from Theresienstadt Ghetto to Treblinka and Minsk. Nothing more and nothing less. Rothstein died in Treblinka.


The Jews sent to the Aktion Reihard camps were murdered there.

For all Mr Wear’s bluster about the alleged “super powers” of the Soviets in their ability to destroy ever single shred of documentary evidence, there is absolutely no evidence that those camps were used to aid transit to camps further east.

None at all.