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Mr Wear cannot resist blaming Britain for creating the conditions that lead to the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. Britain did not want war. War was not in the interest of Britain nor its Commonwealth.

Mr Wear has created nothing but a giant straw man in his post found here.

“The Lie:

Great Britain fought a clean war during World War II.”

Actually, I can think of no historian who might agree with this statement. Britain was determined to do whatever it needed to do to defeat Germany. Nothing about WW2 was “clean”.

So what about Mr Wear’s memes?

churchill crush germany

This is a fake quote. There is no actual evidence that Churchill ever uttered these words.

Neither did he utter these words:

Screenshot_2018-07-15 Campaign Against AntiCaucasianism on Twitter Hermann Balck was one of Germany's greatest #WW2 general[...](1)

These memes alone prove the dishonesty of Mr Wear and his attempts to absolve Hitler and the Nazis of their crimes.

Mr Wear paints Hitler as a peace loving hero. He wasn’t. When posting this piece of propaganda:


Hitler was calling for peace when in a position of power. France had just fallen and Britain had its back to the wall. A peace treaty at that time would have meant German in complete control. With Britain subjected to German control, Germany would have been clear to invade the USSR which was Hitler’s main aim.

Hitler wanted peace with Britain to get her out of the war: to remove her as a threat to his flank.

“On July 3, 1940, a British fleet attacked and destroyed much of the French fleet at Oran in southwestern Algeria to prevent it from falling into German hands.”

Indeed it did, after much soul searching amongst the British high command. This was not an action taken lightly. Britain could not afford the risk of the massive French fleet falling in to German hands. The Vichy run French fleet was given the option to surrender to the British. to scuttle or be destroyed. The French promised that the fleet would never be used by the Germans but the British could not take that risk. After the surrender terms were refused, the fleet was destroyed.

“Churchill and the British government did not seem to mind that 1,297 of their French ally’s sailors were killed in the attack.”

After Churchill announced the result of the action at Mers El Kabir to Parliament he sat down in floods of tears.

“A surprising aspect of the British attack on the French fleet is that low-flying British airplanes repeatedly machine-gunned masses of French sailors as they struggled in the water.” 

There is no credible evidence that this event ever happened.

“Great Britain also began to violate the essential rule of civilized warfare that hostilities must be limited to the combatant forces.”

Germany violated that rule in September 1939.

“On May 11, 1940, British bombers began to attack the industrial areas of Germany. The British government adopted a new definition of military objectives so that this term included any building which in any way contributed, directly or indirectly, to the war effort of the enemy.”

This decision took place after the German bombing of Rotterdam.

“On December 16, 1940, a moonlight raid by 134 British planes took place on Mannheim designed “to concentrate the maximum amount of damage in the center of the town.” Great Britain abandoned all pretense of attacking military, industrial or any other particular target with this raid.”

The raid was in retaliation for the German raids on Southampton and Coventry as well as other British cities by the German Luftwaffe. Yet again, Mr Wear has an issue with context. 

“On March 28, 1942, the British air offensive against Germany initiated Frederick Lindemann’s bombing plan. The Lindemann Plan, which continued with undiminished ferocity until the end of the war, concentrated on bombing German working-class houses. The British bombing during this period was simple terror bombing designed to shatter the morale of the German civilian population and thereby generate an inclination to surrender.

Mr Wear seems to have a problem with this somehow. He does realise there was a war going on doesn’t he? Still at least Mr Wear provides evidence that the bombing offensive aims were the surrender of Germany and not the destruction of the German people.

As to Dresden….

“No one will ever know exactly how many people died in the bombing of Dresden, but estimates of 250,000 civilian deaths appear to be reasonable.”

Those figures are totally unreasonable. The reasonable estimation is geared around a figure of 25,000.

“A horrifying aspect of the Dresden terror bombings occurred during the daylight hours of February 14, 1945. On this day low-flying American fighters machine-gunned helpless Germans as they rushed toward the Elbe River in a desperate attempt to escape the inferno”

Sorry Mr Wear. That is a myth. It never happened.

“Winston Churchill, the man directly responsible for the Dresden bombings”

No he wasn’t. He had nothing to do with the Dresden bombings. Dresden was just another city on Bomber Command’s list. There was nothing special about Dresden.

“British rifleman Victor Gregg was a POW held in Dresden Prison sentenced to death after escaping twice and burning down a factory. He witnessed the bombing of Dresden and wrote an account of the horror. He appeared on several British TV   programs. His book and interviews support the official death toll of 25,000.”

I fail to see how the account of one man caught up in the raid can support any figures…official or otherwise.

So now we come to Mr Wear’s distorted take on a tragic event towards the end of the war.

“On May 3, 1945, the British Royal Air Force attacked the German Cap Arcona and Thielbek passenger ships.”

These 2 ships were not sunk because they had several thousand concentration camp, prisoners on them. The pilots who took part in the sinking did not know the 2 ships had prisoners on them. They did not find out that fact until after the raid. So why were the ships bombed? They were bombed because military intelligence simply failed to keep up with the chaos of the end of the war. German military units including units of the SS were reported to have been moving to Norway by ship. There was a massive desire to see a quick end to the war and precautions were overlooked. Such is the tragedy of war.

“The Jewish Brigade, which was part of the British Eighth Army, also murdered many disarmed and defenseless German officers.”

The Jewish Brigade post war for some reason wanted to hunt down German officers because of their role in the Holocaust. Mr Wear of course denies or excuses mass murder carried out by the Germans.

“The Jewish Brigade was established not to fight in the war, but to follow behind the British army and kill senior German officers who were typically not guilty of anything except having served in defense of their country.”

No it wasn’t. The Jewish Brigade was set up in 1944 and fought in Northern Italy. After the war members of the Brigade used their British military connections and without any authorisation carried out assassinations of those “innocent” members of the German military who they believed had been directly involved in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust.